GPL Technologies Now Offers NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

“NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise enables a paradigm shift in the way creatives will work together going forward,”

Global real-time 3D collaboration has long been the holy grail of creative production facilities around the world. With talent dispersed across multiple geographies, financial incentives drawing work to tax-advantaged regions, and COVID-19 pushing teams to find new ways to work from home, the need for a comprehensive collaboration tool focused on creative workflows has never been greater. There are excellent tools on the market that address specific use cases in these situations, but an end-to-end tool with deep hooks into the workflow has remained elusive — until now.

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Learn more about how GPL Technologies can help your organization implement and tune Omniverse Enterprise to user specifications”— Guillermo Rojas

GPL Technologies (GPL) is proud to offer NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise as the premier platform for global real-time 3D collaboration and simulation. GPL’s engineering team is laser-focused on providing best-in-class solutions for creative shops, and Omniverse Enterprise’s ability to enable real-time, simultaneous collaboration between artists is unparalleled, whether those artists are in the same building or separated by oceans. “NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise enables a paradigm shift in the way creatives will work together going forward,” said Jason Blum, GPL Technologies’ CTO. “NVIDIA democratized powerful parallel computing and graphics performance with their market-leading GPUs, and we’re excited to see them further secure their leadership role by providing a software platform that enables creative workers to join forces regardless of location. We are preparing GPU-accelerated VDI environments in our VFX cloud to demonstrate Omniverse, and our engineering and software development are chomping at the bit to get this in everyone’s hands. Omniverse Enterprise promises to be a serious game-changer and we’re really looking forward to working with customers to tailor and tune the platform for them.”

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Utilizing Universal Scene Description (USD) format as the backbone of its collaborative DNA, Omniverse Enterprise is comprised of multiple components interfacing directly with popular creative software tools to provide a seamless, collaborative experience where multiple artists can work on a project simultaneously. Like editing a spreadsheet online in Microsoft 365 or updating a document in Google Docs, every user running compatible software sees changes made by other users updated in real time in the shared Omniverse scene. The implications for reducing time to turn around revisions is staggering — now, artists and producers can see changes as they are made, in real time, without waiting for time-consuming data transfers or dealing with version control issues.

Ron Sabatino, GPL’s VP of Software Services, says, “GPL’s Software Services division is looking forward to extending the functionality of Omniverse Enterprise by linking it with other commonly used studio tools. We’re utilizing our collaborative relationships with NVIDIA, Autodesk, and Epic to enhance Omniverse Enterprise with shot tracking and project planning facilities.”

Omniverse Enterprise is set to revolutionize the way artists and designers collaborate. For more information about Omniverse Enterprise and how it can help launch user workflows to new heights of efficiency and collaboration, or to learn more about how GPL can help implement and tune Omniverse Enterprise to user specifications, please contact our team at or call (310) 458-6484.

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