Inuvo’s IntentKey Achieves 469% Increase in Organic Searches and 73% Increase in Leads in a Cookie-Free Environment

IntentKey successfully accesses Safari and Firefox inventory in a cookie-free environment

Inuvo, Inc., a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that serves brands and agencies, today reported a recent case study in which its technology solution, IntentKey™, was able to accurately target relevant ad impressions in a cookie-free environment for a luxury nationwide fitness club looking to increase the quality of its sales leads. The campaign resulted in a 469% increase in organic searches and a 73% increase in qualified leads during the first month of its deployment.

Richard Howe, CEO of Inuvo, stated, “Safari and Firefox inventory alone represent close to 40% of web traffic in the US, and the vast majority of users operate in a cookie-free environment. By our own estimates, just 25% of all real-time ad impressions, across all browsers, have a persistent ID that is actionable, which will continue to decrease as time goes on. The fact that the inventory pool is continuously shrinking, day-by-day, as the world moves toward a cookieless future, is creating a massive disruption in the ad industry by hindering traditional ad tech ability to target those impressions.”

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“In contrast, our technology does not require any third-party data, the linking of a user’s browsers across devices or cookie IDs to function. Instead, our patented IntentKey™ technology derives proprietary, just-in-time, AI-generated insights that facilitate audience selection and targeting, based on the reasons behind WHY users are interested in products, services and brands as compared to current methods, where the identity of WHO is interested is first established so data about that person can be used to determine that persons fit relative to the audience criteria. As a result, we know the IntentKey™ is unique and well positioned in the market, given its ability to cost-effectively model and target ad impressions in real time within the most privacy-friendly environments.”

Mr. Howe added, “The campaign for this client began with an IntentKey™ generated series of broad categories, which the AI then refined to more precise concepts based on its understanding of the client’s goals and consumer interests. Thus, our unique targeting solution allowed the client to accurately reach people interested in joining a fitness club, at scale, on cookieless and non-trackable browsing environments. The IntentKey™ AI learns and optimizes its modeling and targeting capabilities, increasing insights, performance, and budget efficiencies. In other words, the technology continuously gets smarter as the duration of the campaign increases, which is why we saw such successful results.”

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