Nami®, a leading provider of comprehensive mobile subscription capabilities for enterprise mobile app publishers has released the latest version of their carrier-grade subscriber experience cloud platform featuring accessibility and localization features.

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“The shift to subscriptions as a fundamental mobile app monetization strategy is a global phenomenon and to do it right and make subscribers happy, apps need the ability to speak to their users where they are and make sure everyone is able to benefit,” explains Dan Burcaw, CEO and Co-Founder of the company.

Localization is the ability to present key components like the Paywall Purchase Experience in the user’s choice of languages. The Nami platform’s Paywall Builder feature now supports all the languages available on the user’s mobile device making it easier and better for publishers to adopt the languages their subscribers use natively.

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Accessibility is the way software adapts its user interface to the needs of users with different requirements, such as those who may need assistance with visual cues or input. Paywalls built with the Nami platform can now be used more easily by people of all abilities.

Both Nami’s Localization and Accessibility features are built on top of the enterprise scale and carrier-grade security capabilities that give businesses of all sizes the stability, reliability and confidence to ship their products globally.

Nami ML is an early-stage business that has built a comprehensive Mobile Subscriber Experience platform focused on creating Happy Subscribers that lets mobile app publishers focus on the unique features of their apps while managing the end-to-end subscription lifecycle from first use to customer support and renewal.

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