MegaFans Announces Partnership With Green Rabbit Holdings, LLC

MegaFans has partnered with Green Rabbit, an innovative, multiplayer metaverse developed on the WAX blockchain.

Megafans Inc. announced a new collaboration with Green Rabbit Holdings, LLC, to integrate Megafans’ software development kit (SDK) into Green Rabbit’s metaverse environment and racing game, which will offer competitive esports tournaments and rewards to players who can participate in live, massive multiplayer tournaments online.

The purpose of the collaboration is to create new revenue streams through monetization, reward players, and retain them to increase lifetime value (LTV). Esports and rewarded game play (play-and-earn) are both proven sticky factors in digital and real-world gaming events. MegaFans’ esports tournament SDK enables new forms of retention and monetization for any mobile or online game.

According to MegaFans CEO Jeff Donnelley, “The collaboration between MegaFans and Green Rabbit combines quality and quantity with GR’s rich metaverse environment, true gameplay, and our competitive, MMO esports tournament system. We are providing a real and rich play-and-earn experience that Web3 gamers will love and appreciate.”

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Green Rabbit successfully launched two non-fungible token (NFT) collections and their own metaverse with its first racing game. Green Rabbit’s rich, virtual environment promises to provide the NFT community with an exciting and rewarding gaming experience, built with integrity and ethics at its core and delivered with the industry’s collectors and gaming enthusiasts in mind.

Green Rabbit Co-founder Jay Yadon said, “The partnership between MegaFans and Green Rabbit Holdings, LLC, is key in the development of our tournament, esports style gameplay. This type of system will be the first of its kind in the Web3 space. We look forward to working side by side with this amazing group.”

The collaboration is expected to produce more quality games, tournaments, rewards and experiential events in the future for gamers, collectors and the Web3 community globally.

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