Netlify Presents Jammies Awards to Pillars of the Jamstack Ecosystem

Winners of the third annual Jammies demonstrate the vast possibilities of what web developers can build with Jamstack

At the fifth annual Jamstack Conf, Netlify, the platform for modern web development, announced the winners of the third annual Jammies awards.

The Jammies showcase cutting-edge projects and new products built using Jamstack, the architectural approach that decouples the web experience layer from data and business logic, improving flexibility, scalability, performance and maintainability1. The awards also recognize community members who are dedicated to driving the Jamstack ecosystem forward.

“The Jammies exemplify the impactful work happening across the global Jamstack ecosystem,” said Matt Biilmann, co-founder and CEO, Netlify. “It’s inspiring to see how these developers, tech providers, agencies, and creators are using Jamstack to shape the future of the web.”

Because the Jammies were designed by and for the Jamstack community, the winners were decided via a public vote. The 2022 Jammies honorees are:

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  • Ecosystem Innovation Award – Svelte: Svelte is a JavaScript framework that’s been growing in popularity for several years and has a thriving community of welcoming users and fans. With a focus on writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead of proprietary component boilerplate, Svelte is a great first stop for developers learning how to build with a framework.
  • Project of the Year – Mozilla MDN: Mozilla’s MDN site remains a canonical resource for web developers looking to better understand standards and web APIs. The Mozilla team does incredible work in maintaining valuable content and encouraging contributions to the open source documentation, delivered at scale with Jamstack tools and technologies.
  • Agency of the Year – AKQA: Through high-quality and far-reaching work with a number of global brands and enterprise clients, AKQA has reaped the rewards of using composable architectures and Jamstack tools and technologies.
  • Live Streamer of the Year – Alex Trost: Alex Trost is the creator of Frontend Horse, a learning platform that delivers inspiring frontend content featuring various industry experts. Alex also hosts regular charity events, raising over $10,000 at a single event to help clean up ocean pollution in 2021.
  • Video Creator of the Year – Theo BrowneA prolific and energetic live-streamer and interviewer, Theo Browne has quickly established a large and engaged audience through his informative Twitch streams and YouTube content. His ability to identify technologies and tools capturing the attention of the community has led to highly relevant content.
  • Podcast of the Year – JSParty: JSParty is a weekly celebration of JavaScript and the web. Featuring industry experts and friendly hosts, JSParty dives deep into current tech, new frameworks and emerging trends, and isn’t afraid to tackle controversial issues.
  • Personal Website of the Year – Lynn FisherLynn is an incredibly creative coder who undertakes a bold and impressive website refresh every year. In 2022, Lynn’s homepage takes visitors into the surreal.

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