Quora Releases Important Findings from User Research

Insights Across North America Reveal that People who use Quora are a Prime, Tech-Savvy Consumer Tech Audience

Quora, the knowledge sharing platform, shares new survey data conducted by Global Web Index (GWI) about the technology mindset and behaviors of people who use Quora. The data reaffirmed that people who use Quora are technologically savvy and eager to explore new products. For example, people who use Quora are 126% more likely to be early tech adopters, as compared to the average internet user, with the majority both interested in – and confident with – using new technology. Their online interests also translate to real-world value, with people who use Quora reporting they’re likely to buy new tech products as soon as they become available.

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“We’ve always known that Quora users are at the head of the pack when it comes to technology, and this research reaffirms this.,” says Vinay Pandey, Chief Revenue Officer at Quora. “People who use Quora often identify as tech natives and are very likely to have purchased technology recently. This is why Quora is the advertising platform of choice for leading consumer technology brands and marketers looking for a high-intent audience.”

Additionally, in internal user feedback sessions, people who use Quora reported coming to the platform to gain knowledge, with respondents enjoying the platform’s quality, conversational depth, and user friendliness. Individual people and businesses alike can join Quora and learn more about innovative technology, new products, and best practices from one another.

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