ServiceNow, Supporting Vaccinations for More Than 20 Million People Globally, Enhances Vaccine Administration Management Solution to Help Organizations Rapidly Administer COVID Vaccines at Scale

ServiceNow , which is supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people with the Now Platform and its Vaccine Administration Management solution, today released further product enhancements to its Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organizations quickly meet the “last-mile” challenges of vaccinating and protecting people at scale. The latest enhancements make it easier for people to schedule vaccination appointments and for providers to manage vaccine inventory.

With the Biden administration directing states to make all U.S. adults eligible for vaccinations by May 1, ServiceNow is committed to leveraging the Now Platform to help states and healthcare providers convert vaccines into vaccinations as quickly as possible. The Now Platform and Vaccine Administration Management solution are being deployed in just days by some providers, using ServiceNow’s workflow technology to rapidly improve vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring. The NHS National Services Scotland, for example, is using ServiceNow to help quickly vaccinate Scottish citizens.

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“We are working closely with organizations to rapidly ramp their vaccination efforts and adding new capabilities to our Vaccine Administration Management solution twice a month as the landscape evolves and more vaccines become available.”

Additionally, Children’s Minnesota, one of the largest pediatric health care systems in the U.S., recently went live with ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management in just five days. When Children’s Minnesota expanded its vaccination rollout beyond staff, to patient caregivers and the most vulnerable members of the community, it experienced similar challenges as those faced by other organizations across the country. With its new system, Children’s Minnesota has reduced wait times from three hours in a walk-in model to 20 minutes with an appointment and successfully vaccinated nearly 1,400 staff members, caregivers and the community in 11 hours.

“At Children’s Minnesota, our mission is to champion the health needs of children and families. Right now, that means ensuring our vaccine management process is efficient and able to get our community vaccinated as quickly as possible. After all, one arm at a time is how we can get out of this pandemic,” said Patsy Stinchfield, MS, CPNP, Nurse Practitioner, senior director of infection prevention at Children’s Minnesota and head of the health care system’s COVID-19 incident command center. “We’re thrilled that we are efficiently vaccinating our staff, caregivers and our most vulnerable patients.”

ServiceNow is helping organizations across healthcare, government, education, and the private sector distribute COVID-19 vaccines and get people vaccinated quickly, including:

  • The Department of Homeland Security is facilitating vaccinations for its 240,000 employees via ServiceNow for vaccination eligibility checks, communication management, and coordinating mass vaccinations at Veterans Affairs facilities.
  • The University of Central Florida is leveraging ServiceNow to coordinate and schedule first and second dose vaccinations for its faculty and staff.
  • The State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is relying on ServiceNow’s technology as the foundation for its command center for healthcare providers, clinicians administering the vaccine, and supporting NCDHHS staff to access the latest information related to state vaccine requirements and to get their vaccine‑related questions answered.
  • Outside the U.S., The NHS National Services Scotland is using ServiceNow’s Now Platform as the digital backbone of its program to rapidly roll out the vaccine to protect citizen health in the fight against COVID‑19. Over 220,000 vaccination appointments were booked in the first 12 hours of the Now Platform going live.

Introducing more control and visibility for vaccination scheduling

The latest updates to the ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution improve the vaccination scheduling process for vaccine recipients, administrators, and clinicians, providing increased visibility into inventory, to help convert all available vaccines into vaccinations.

New capabilities announced today offer increased control and visibility over available vaccine doses to help match vaccine appointments with inventory supply to minimize waste and avoid overbooking appointments. This has been a challenge for many organizations, leading to long wait times and leaving many recipients in line with cancelled appointments. New capabilities include:

  • The ability to schedule and cancel appointments based on vaccine inventory as vaccines are distributed. Organizations can automatically track vaccine inventory in real-time and open, close, and reschedule appointments based on the number of vaccines they have available.
  • Location-level configuration capabilities enable organizations managing multiple vaccination sites to specify inventory, available hours, and appointment slots by location.

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Additionally, new capabilities announced today give vaccine recipients more control over the scheduling process for a seamless booking experience, including:

  • The ability to select a specific day and time for appointments and independently book second appointments. Previously, users were automatically booked into the first available spot.
  • The ability for contact center agents to book appointments on behalf of recipients.
  • Options for family scheduling will be available soon, allowing families to book appointments together and at the same time, rather than signing up individually with different accounts at varying times.

These updates will support smoother and more efficient experiences for both those receiving and administering vaccinations as more people become eligible and vaccines are made widely available.

“The rapid distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the greatest workflow challenges of our time,” said Mike Luessi, AVP and GM, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at ServiceNow. “We are working closely with organizations to rapidly ramp their vaccination efforts and adding new capabilities to our Vaccine Administration Management solution twice a month as the landscape evolves and more vaccines become available.”

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