TaskOn Launch Boosts Web3 Collaboration

A Web3 Task Collaboration Platform to Create, Collaborate and Reward

Leveling the limitations of geography, language, and race, Web3 enables people to flexibly collaborate. It begs the question of how to efficiently allocate social resources. Therefore TaskOn was built to be a platform that boosts completion for various Web3 tasks in a decentralized way.  It efficiently aligns the mutual interests of task initiators and implementers to scalable facilitate collaboration.

Nowadays Web3 citizens are heavily involved in various whitelists, airdrops, NFT giveaways and other bounty campaigns. For these crypto enthusiasts, a handy tool is essential to getting the job done. Participation allows anyone to be an early adopter or shareholder of high potential projects. TaskOn brings your unique talents to bear and may even be like a part or full time job with reasonable rewards. In addition, everyone is actually creating their unique living NFTs. Every task completion action will change your living NFT as you explore more in Web3, and make sure you are fairly rewarded.

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The other side of the coin is TaskOn provides solutions that can effectively solve thousands of Web3 projects’ development problems, especially the very early-stage entrepreneurial teams with the least cost. No doubt, it can be considered as growth hack for burgeoning projects. With its comprehensive task formats, TaskOn can meet the demand of various projects to gain initial users, build a strong community and improve user engagement. In consideration of projects’ desire to expand their brand awareness, TaskOn is also building up its user and KOL database. It doesn’t just store that data, but also filters out the most valuable influencers and users to meet customized inquiries. More importantly, TaskOn is the ideal platform to find the right talent for each project, whether that be on a temporary or long-term basis.

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