V12 Signals Family of In-Market Automotive Purchase Intent Solutions Sets New Milestone

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5x Growth in Signals Mobile Lot Visit Identification Propels Radical Advancement in Automotive Targeting

V12, a leading provider of purchase intent insight and marketing services announced that its family of in-market purchase intent solutions, V12 Signals, has grown to the point that automotive marketers can use behavioral intent data exclusively to target all automotive shoppers in the US.

  • V12’s Signals Mobile product now identifies 71MM individual on-lot shoppers annually
  • New product V12 Signals Online identifies 50MM individual automotive web browsers annually
  • At historical conversion rates, V12 Signals identifies shoppers and buyers for 17MM cars and light tracks annually—or 100% of the 2019 sales run rate in the US

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According to Andy Frawley, CEO of V12, “Our product team is continuously developing and expanding our in-market intent solutions in order to provide our clients with insights into consumers who are actively shopping for vehicles at every point along the purchase journey. With the ability to now see literally 100% of vehicles sold in the U.S., we have completely changed automotive marketing. By seeing intent, not just predicting it, our clients can better prioritize marketing spend on high-value consumers most likely to convert.”

Developed over a four-year time period, the V12 Signals family of purchase intent products is the largest and most accurate in-market shopping database in the automotive industry. V12 Signals Online, the newest addition to the product suite, captures online auto browsing and shopping behavior data collected in real-time and markets to cookie-less audience clusters of consumers in market to buy a car, down to the brand and model level. Signals Mobile provides brands with insights on consumers who have recently visiting their dealership or a competitive lot. Signals WebID allows brands to identify up to 50% of unknown website visitors and market to them with omnichannel campaigns. Rounding out the family of products is Signals Events, which provides behavioral and lifestyle triggers which often indicate intent to purchase.

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“Consumer behavior and purchase patterns are radically changing across the automotive industry, making it extremely difficult for auto brands to pivot spend and marketing programs in order to keep pace. However, the fact that we can see vehicle purchases at such massive scale in this rapidly changing economy is a huge testimony to the technical innovation and unparalleled power of our Signals technology,” said Anders Ekman, President of V12. “Automotive marketers have had to rely on models and inferred behavior for many years, and we are thrilled to be able to provide this level of precision and accuracy.”

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