YouTube Phenomenon 5-Minute Crafts Celebrates 5th Anniversary on Social Platform

Forging the explosion of short, engaging, and clever how-to videos, the #1 DIY channel on the planet brings laughs, fun crafts, and colorful content to more than 239 million unique viewers
74+ Million Subscribers
1.7+ Billion Hours Watched
21+ Billion Views Amassed

What if we told you there was a global entertainment brand so popular that its main YouTube channel alone boasts more than 1.7 billion hours watched and 21 billion views? We’re talking about 5-Minute Crafts, the online sensation from TheSoul Publishing, the award-winning, global digital studio delivering creative and energetic video content that soars on social media and streaming platforms. Produced in 19 languages, the studio is celebrating the channel’s 5th anniversary on YouTube.

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A powerhouse for positivity, and known for its fun and quirky how-tos, 5-Minute Crafts sparks creativity as one of the most beloved video channels in today’s social landscape. Just how beloved? 5-Minute Crafts boasts 74+ million YouTube subscribers — and that’s just on its flagship YouTube channel. The brand’s success has resonated on many other platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snap and Roku and across a large brand portfolio: 5-Minute Recycle5-Minute Recipes and 5-Minute Crafts Family to name a few.

5-Minute Crafts is the world’s only brand ranked among the top 10 channels (by subscribers / followers) on both YouTube and Facebook.

“Every year our 5-Minute Crafts teams challenge themselves to experiment and grow, and every year they manage to top themselves. They are incredibly versatile, finding ways to adapt to shifting trends and evolving platforms. Specifically on YouTube, this past year we quickly adopted the new Shorts format which resulted in millions of views and some of  the best performing shorts of all time on the platform. It’s a true testament to the team’s success  and I can’t wait  for the next five years,” said Victor Potrel, Vice President of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing.

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Going way beyond its ‘5-Minute’ premise, 5-Minute Crafts‘ five year reign (that’s a lot of fives) has highlighted a variety of fun topics including beauty, recipes and food, back-to-school, travel and cleaning hacks. And that’s not all! 5-Minute Crafts is constantly adapting to its viewers, recently leaning into different formats like short videos, longer content and livestreaming where it amassed hundreds of millions of views across platforms. Over the years, TheSoul Publishing has mastered the art of creating engaging content, entertaining a wide audience demographic regardless of where they are located or how they like to watch.

According to Tubular rankings, 5-Minute Crafts is the most viewed DIY digital brand in the world, and the fourth most viewed creator on Facebook and YouTube. Its parent company, TheSoul Publishing, sits beside the Walt Disney Company as the media and entertainment company with the most unique global viewers in 2020 across Facebook and YouTube.

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