Aki Technologies Unveils the Answer to Streamers’ Top Problem – Repetitive Ads


New advertising solution boasts antidote to repetitive advertising on CTV

Aki Technologies, an Inmar Intelligence company and the leader in moment marketing and personalized advertising, today announced the launch of CTV ONE, a first-of-its-kind Connected TV advertising solution designed to reduce the repetitive advertising that characteristically plagues streamers.

Nielsen reported that streaming usage surpassed both cable and broadcast for the first time in July 2022. Meanwhile ad fatigue continues to plague streamers. The same CTV advertisements are often played during each commercial break, sometimes even back-to-back. According to a recent ENGINE MediaPulse survey, 90% of consumers report having seen an advertisement so many times that it becomes annoying to them. And while the antidote to ad fatigue is creative variation, traditional production can prove costly, often incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs per broadcast-ready commercial spot.

CTV ONE reduces ad fatigue without costly creative production by leveraging patented personalization technology that dynamically diversifies CTV video creative. This significantly increases consumer favorability and recall, and generates measurable ROI, as verified by advertisers who have tested first-look editions of Aki’s CTV ONE offering.

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One such advertiser is Else Nutrition, a plant-based nutrition product for babies and toddlers, whose CTV-centric campaign drove a 56% increase in Amazon-specific sales. Another, a leading adult beverage brand, won the Stevie’s 2022 Marketing Campaign of the Year, the Communicator Awards 2022 Silver for Marketing Effectiveness and was shortlisted as a finalist for Digiday’s 2022 Best Video Campaign, as supported by CTV ONE technology. Primal Kitchen is now leveraging CTV ONE in their Summer Grilling campaign.

“By utilizing Aki’s personalization tactics on mobile, the Primal Kitchen brand has seen impressive results with past campaigns, including generating conversions at key retail partners. We’re excited to leverage Aki’s CTV solution to continue driving success and bring new households to the brand,” said Ana Goettsch, VP of Marketing at Primal Kitchen.

Behind these results, CTV ONE’s core differentiation is its ability to dynamically generate a new message each time an advertiser’s video spot plays. The evolving message is informed by contextual signals like day, time, programming type, programming genre, household-level audience information, inferred buyer journey stage, current weather and proximity to the nearest supporting retailer. For example, an adult beverage commercial may key off a time of day signal to render a bloody mary cocktail recipe at brunch, a moscow mule recipe at happy hour, and a white russian in the evening as a nightcap, showcasing a fresh, non-repeating message each the spot is played within a home.

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A diversified advertising experience enables brands to stand out in a competitive and repetitive CTV space. Utilizing creative refresh is a powerful tactical approach toward reaching the right audiences and keeping them engaged. CTV ONE offers advertisers an exciting opportunity to attract viewers’ interest in a fast-growing space where consumers are concentrated at scale.

“We’re excited to offer our advertising partners a CTV solution that solves streamers’ number one problem,” said David Sanderson, Head of Creative Solutions at Aki Technologies. “In the wake of linear TV becoming secondary to streaming, CTV ONE introduces a new gold standard for CTV advertising — one that helps brands deliver a truly consumer-first experience at one of the most significant times in streaming history.”

Several of Aki’s brand partners are currently running CTV ONE campaigns across various categories, including adult beverage, CPG, consumer electronics and retail.

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