GoodTime Unveils New Brand Identity to Reflect Company’s Vision and Direction to Make Meetings Smarter

GoodTime Introduces the World’s First Meeting Optimization Engine to Remedy Lack of Productivity Valued at $400B Dollars in Time Wasted

GoodTime revealed a new corporate brand today, reflecting its vision to deliver smarter meetings and better outcomes for companies worldwide. As part of the rebrand, the company introduced its Meeting Optimization Engine, the world’s first of its kind, to support GoodTime’s mission of creating a future where every minute counts.

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The Meeting Optimization Engine
GoodTime’s Meeting Optimization Engine helps customers get better results from meetings through automation, relationships, and insights. First, it uses automation to intelligently coordinate meetings across time zones and calendars, without the usual back and forth. Then, it helps attendees build better relationships during the meeting. Whether interviewing a critical hire or solving problems for a customer, GoodTime makes sure the right people are in the room at the right time so collaboration and connection come naturally. Most importantly, GoodTime provides intelligent insights so companies can take the right actions before, during, and after every meeting.

“There are lots of scheduling automation tools in the market, but no one else is optimizing business meetings to ensure the right people are in the right room at the right time. This is why so many people are in meetings and don’t know why they’re there. With the GoodTime Meeting Optimization Engine, we’re turning time-wasting meetings into smart meetings that get you to your goals faster,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO and Co-Founder, GoodTime.

Trends and Challenges With Meetings
According to a 2019 study, U.S. companies are estimated to have lost $399 billion in that year alone due to inefficient meetings resulting from numerous factors ranging from poorly organized meetings to loss of focus on projects to confusion. Today, the stakes are even higher.

In the last two years, companies have gone from 40 to 66 million daily meetings in the U.S. alone—even though most attendees think they’re a waste of time. And given the remote working culture in today’s global society, the amount is expected to increase. With less than one-third of knowledge workers coming to the office every day, meetings are often the only way coworkers can interact face-to-face. That said, meetings need to be relevant and purposeful for every attendee to fuel company culture, and not hinder it.

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Two Products, One Mission
For talent acquisition teams, the competition for talent is only getting worse. Candidates have more opportunities than ever and winning top talent requires an approach beyond simply moving additional candidates through the hiring funnel. It requires building meaningful relationships with each candidate. To overcome this challenge, the company’s flagship product, GoodTime Hire, delivers Candidate Relationship Intelligence to help teams automate coordination, build genuine connections with candidates, and surface insights to continually optimize the hiring process. Powered by the Meeting Optimization Engine, GoodTime Hire gives teams an edge in a highly competitive talent market.

The company’s second product, GoodTime Meet, is the new generation calendar built for everyone in the new era of work-life autonomy where getting people together is harder than ever — different time zones, asynchronous working hours, and online or in-person meetings. Meet helps hybrid and remote teams simplify scheduling and take back control of their calendars. As part of this launch, the company brings GoodTime Meet under the Meeting Optimization Engine umbrella, alongside GoodTime Hire.

Making Meetings Smarter
With over 7 million smart meetings scheduled to date, and used by over 300 leading companies, GoodTime helps companies of all sizes get better results— from hyper-growth startups, to unicorns, to Fortune 500s.

  • For Box, recruiting coordinators now spend 40% less time scheduling interviews
  • For Pinterest, talent acquisition teams reduced time-to-fill by 50%
  • For Patreon, recruiters doubled the amount of interviews they could schedule per day

“GoodTime [Hire] is a great accelerator for the hiring process. By leveraging the platform and putting more control into candidates’ hands, we’ve eliminated what’s normally the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process,” said David Moore, VP of Recruiting, Box.

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