Image Protect Inc. Releases New Disruptive Digital Licensing Model IPShare

IPShare Is Set to Disrupt the Current Copyright and Licensing Landscape

Image Protect Inc., the global leader in end-to-end copyright software, is excited to announce that the company has expanded its technology with a new theft proof, trackable, and shareable image format, IPShare.

According to management, this disruptive digital image technology offers the Company striking new top and bottom-line growth potential by streamlining costs involved in image-tracking as well as expanding the Company’s primary revenue model to overlap the $558 billion global advertising space.

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IPShare generates a block of code that allows photos to be copied and pasted into any website – similar to code references on sites that embed Youtube or Vimeo content. After the photo has been embedded, it appears on the website even though it is technically stored on Image Protect servers. Once that step has been taken, the image is theft-proof and cannot be downloaded or captured through screenshot software. If someone tries to capture the image through advanced tools, a watermark will appear on top of the image rendering it unusable. The image can then be monitored from the Image Protect client dashboard.

This new format is unique and allows the Company to monetize the image by overlaying an advertisement (which is also embedded in the image). These “in-image ads” will generate a recurring monthly income for the rightsholder of the image via click-throughs and impressions. The cost to advertisers will follow the standard social media model: the more the image is viewed and shared, the more revenue it generates. In-image advertising drives revenue from the global digital advertising market, which is expected to grow to $291B by 2020

Lawrence Adams

“This is a win-win for all parties. The rightsholder captures revenue converted from the Advertising model. We capture revenue otherwise considered lost. And the website/blog owner enjoys the use of the image without penalties or fees,” said Lawrence Adams, CEO, Image Protect Inc.

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Image Protect has detected unlicensed use of client images across millions of personal blogs and forums over the years. As an alternative to the standard DMCA takedown notice (which results in zero revenue for the company or the rightsholder), the company has developed a new model: those infringing on copyright privileges by using an image can replace that image with the new embeddable, trackable, and secure image. It’s as simple as copying and pasting the embedded code into the user’s website: the image is instantly transformed into an online billboard containing in-image advertising, hot links, social sharing, and dynamic messaging.

IPShare is set to disrupt the current copyright and licensing landscape by mobilizing the power of secure content sharing and revenue growth through online advertising.

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