Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service, IVCi, Shares 5 Top Tips for Effective Video Conferencing

Being able to conduct a successful video conference is important to securing potential clients and collaborating with team members in other locations. But there is more to a successful call than just having the right equipment — there are tips, tricks, and etiquette that needs to be followed. Here are 5 tips for effective video conferencing from the premier provider of cloud based video conferencing service, IVCi.

  • Keep the call short and concise. Respect every attendee’s time by keeping the conference short, sweet, and focused. Most people have jam-packed schedules and will appreciate the call not being any longer than necessary.
  • Come to the conference prepared. Just as you would an in-person meeting, have any supplementary materials prepared ahead of time and sent to whoever is attending the conference. If possible, set the room up ahead of time and test all connections and equipment to avoid unprofessional technical difficulties.

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  • Utilize visuals. Not only do video conferences allow you to see the people you’re talking to, they allow you to share visual aids in real time while you discuss them. This will keep the conference interesting and fresh, rather than just looking at each other’s faces the whole time.
  • Record the conference. Most video conferencing software allows you to record your conference. This is helpful for creating recaps and action steps, as well as allowing those who could not attend the conference to be brought up to speed easily.

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  • Treat it like an in-person meeting. You should treat video conferences the way you would treat an in-person meeting. Give the other people your undivided attention, minimize distractions, keep the attendee list down to only those who really need to be there, and use all manners you would during an in-person meeting. This might seem obvious, but it can go a long way when establishing and maintaining business relationships.

All of these tips, paired with top of the line video conferencing equipment, will set you up for successful video conferencing and virtual meetings that truly move your business forward.

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