Panopto Fully Integrated With Explain Everything

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Explain Everything announced that Panopto, the leading video management system for higher education, is now fully integrated with the recordable digital whiteboard Explain Everything. Explain Everything Whiteboard allows educators to record multimedia explainer videos for pre-training purposes, short lecture summaries and clarifications of key concepts. They can also record entire lectures. Thanks to this new integration, educators can now export their videos to Panopto directly from within Explain Everything, via the Explain Drive cloud, without the need to render them on-device.

“It used to take much longer for teachers using Panopto to share their videos with their students,” said Wojciech Hajduk, Head of Platform at Explain Everything. “Videos created using Explain Everything needed to be rendered on the user’s device first, and then uploaded, which can take a while. Now, the whole process of rendering and sharing takes just a few moments.”

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Educators wishing to use this integration have to simply select the video they have stored in the Explain Drive cloud and tap the three dots menu. By next tapping Upload to Panopto, they open a new tab where they can sign in and select the appropriate destination folder. The video is uploaded to Panopto immediately, making it easier than ever for students to access the material their teacher has created.

The necessity for a smooth integration between the two technologies was prompted by observed usage. Some higher education institutions use Panopto and Explain Everything in tandem to create audiovisual materials for students and video resource libraries for teachers. Others also use Explain Everything’s synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities for group work.

“Explain Everything is part of a growing number of solutions supporting Export to Panopto, giving content creators a great experience and the flexibility they need,” said Mike Rich, vp of strategic alliances and business development. “We’re excited to partner with Explain Everything and deliver continued innovation to higher education.”

Both the Panopto and Explain Everything teams are very excited about all of the new possibilities this integration will afford higher education institutions.

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