Interactive Video and Live Streaming Platform Maestro Launches Maestro for Creators

With $15 Million Paid Out to High-Profile Creators, the Same Customization and Monetization Tools Are Now Accessible to Everyone

Maestro, the global leader in interactive live experiences, today announced Maestro for Creators, a completely customizable platform for creators of any size. This new service empowers creators to ditch the dependency on social media platforms and instead build their own branded destination to offer new digital experiences for their audience. With this launch, Maestro now enables creators to control their content, own their data, and keep their revenue without being subject to algorithms.

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“Creators live at the mercy of social media platforms. Every change to an algorithm or percentage of ad revenue split has a daily impact on their bottom line. We are offering a new model that prioritizes the creator first”

“Creators live at the mercy of social media platforms. Every change to an algorithm or percentage of ad revenue split has a daily impact on their bottom line. We are offering a new model that prioritizes the creator first,” said Ari Evans, Founder and CEO, Maestro. “With just a few clicks, our partners can now control their content, maximize engagement with their audiences, and manage their monetization formats to create a sustainable income in a way that’s unique to them.”

Starting at $99 per month, everyday creators will have access to the same suite of easy-to-use design tools and flexible monetization solutions utilized by the world’s biggest brands and talent such as Apple, Billie Eilish, Fortnite, Pandora, VidCon and many more. With Maestro for Creators, users can offer a premium experience to their community through live-shopping integrations, subscriptions, and pay-per-view capabilities. The platform is also adaptable for a wide variety of verticals, such as education, music, retail and fashion, sports, esports, conferences, and more.

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“We’re experiencing a pretty big shift right now, where creators are taking more control of their digital and online content,” said Brendan O’Malley, who manages digital media and live-streaming for many of Slingshot eCommerce’s entertainment clients. “What we’re seeing with Maestro is an even deeper level of control than I think most people realize is possible. We would never be able to do what we do with some of these livestreams on any other platform. Creating with total freedom, controlling content, the paywall, owning the data and managing a direct relationship with fans – this is why Maestro is onto something unique.”

While Maestro’s new service is designed for creators, the platform’s versatility makes it valuable to a wide range of verticals and companies of all sizes, including small businesses looking to create a live extension of their brand or startups launching a product or service around interactive video. In addition to this new offering, Maestro has redesigned the overall user experience to be more intuitive and seamless. This includes new features that contribute to its user-friendly interface:

  • Audience Database: A robust community management system makes it easy to build a database, segment audiences, and contact fans directly. Plus, no algorithm to throttle creators from reaching their entire audience with their messages.
  • Earnings Dashboard: Creators can track earnings from a variety of sources, monitor revenue performance, and easily understand how to make more money.
  • Customizable Interactive Features: Creators choose from an ever-expanding list of interactive overlays and built-in features ranging from live shopping, chat, watch parties, quests, leaderboards, quizzes, and more. Creative expression takes on a whole new meaning with unique experiences.
  • Flexible Paywall: Whether selling tickets, VIP experiences, monthly subscriptions, merchandise, or hybrid packages, creators decide the price and format for how they make money. Sales tax, processing costs, and payouts are all handled automatically.
  • Trends & Analytics Dashboards: Creators can optimize the experience for their community with access to powerful analytics and first-party data. Actionable insights on performance, traffic sources, audience behaviors, and pricing strategy help to drive continued growth.

The launch of Maestro for Creators comes amidst a period of growth for Maestro. Since the beginning of 2021, Maestro has seen a 34x increase in viewership minutes, which speaks to the growing demand for live streaming experiences. With the introduction of monetization tools in Spring 2020, Maestro has paid out more than $15 million to creators – $5.7 million of which was in Q3 2021.

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