The Next Generation of Global OTT Platforms Has Been Unveiled Offering Cutting-Edge Streaming Technology – and It’s for Sale

Similar to Amazon, Global OTT Solutions Claims to Have Revolutionized the Global Streaming Space

Global OTT Solutions LLC announced that it has developed and is offering for sale its first fully tested, operational and proven global OTT streaming network.

Similar to what Amazon has done for shopping, the company claims to have revolutionized the global streaming space by having fully tested and operating global platforms purpose-built and at the ready for anyone wishing to distribute their content immediately and efficiently on a platform they actually own and control. Whether it be live broadcasts, streaming video on demand or almost any other possible content scenario, it will no longer take years to develop your own platform at great risk, time and expense.

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Uniquely, the company showcases this accomplishment with, a free app which the company created to provide free first-run films to any smart device in the world. Utilizing its library of over 9,000 films with users in 256 countries and territories, its streaming platform has been in continuous operation since launch. This first-in-industry methodology combined with cutting-edge streaming technology removes all doubt regarding the platform’s performance and capabilities.

“We saw an opportunity to provide the metaphorical railroad tracks to those with content trains still sitting at the station and encumbered with governmental oversight or old and uncertain technology. We’ve done all the work and removed all the risk thereby allowing a beneficiary to focus on what they do best – content provision, marketing, and profitability,” said Bert Bedrosian, chairman, Global OTT Solutions.

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“It takes years to develop a proper streaming platform with the requisite testing to prove functionality and ensure real-world performance and reliability. By utilizing our purpose-built, currently running a network, we have cut the time, risk and expense of development and platform ownership by unprecedented multiples,” said Tim Page, Chief Technology Officer, Global OTT Solutions

“Our developers have been at the forefront of streaming from the very beginning. This technology is tricky and riddled with naive developers, over-optimistic CEOs, and stories of woe. Our networks are pristine, proven and built to be specifically inheritable, customizable and infinitely expandable. We have now made cutting the cord seamless, expedient and pain-free,” added Page.

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