Video Service Providers Increasingly Challenged by Today’s Evolving Piracy Threats

Farncombe Security Audits not only review content security solutions, but also help service providers improve the security of their platforms and operations.

Every day, video content is targeted by pirates who want to make a profit by illegally distributing it themselves. Their tactics are evolving on an almost daily basis, becoming more cunning and sophisticated. The threat posed has increased significantly with the growth of video distribution channels and all the new ways consumers can access their favorite video content.

To protect their content from these threats, broadcasters and video service providers have to use content protection technologies (DRM or Conditional Access Systems) that are proven secure. But it is not sufficient. The most secure solution will not succeed if it does not take place within a well-designed end-to-end video platform involving secured content workflows and operated through rigorous security policies and processes.

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The Farncombe Security Audit® is Cartesian’s independent auditing service for content security solution vendors as well as broadcasters and OTT service providers. It reviews both the efficiency of content security solutions and the overall security of end-to-end video platforms and operations.

Trusted by the major Hollywood studios, Cartesian is one of a select few companies worldwide that offer an auditing service that meets their rigorous standards, including the MovieLabs specification for Ultra HD and 4K content.

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Verimatrix, CastLabs, Thu Do Multimedia, SecureTV, and iQIYI, one of the world’s largest OTT video platforms, are the most recent examples of technology vendors and service providers that have undergone a Farncombe Security Audit.

These companies received a full report detailing the level of security in a number of critical areas, identifying any needed improvements, and providing concrete and actionable recommendations. Additionally, they each received a summary report attesting to the security of their system, and a Farncombe Security Audit® Mark that can be displayed on their website to indicate an audit has been completed.

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