Affinio Unveils New Integrated Audience Analysis Solution in Collaboration With Microsoft

Affinio’s Audience Clustering and Visualization Technology Empower Consumer Insights and Strategy Teams to Make Customer-Centric Decisions Across the Organization

Affinio has announced its latest product — Integrated Audience Analysis. The market-leading audience insights and strategy platform partnered with Microsoft Azure to reveal naturally-forming interest-based segments. Integrated Audience Analysis will be available through a collaboration with Microsoft’s Global Consumer Goods and Retail Solutions teams.

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Integrated Audience Analysis Benefits Global Consumer Goods Companies and Retailers

Affinio + Microsoft

As part of the global solutions rollout, Affinio has released an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and launched its offering on Microsoft AppSource, allowing potential customers to interact with and explore the Affinio platform through a self-service experience.

Tim Burke, CEO, Affinio
Tim Burke

At the time of this announcement, Tim Burke, founder and CEO of Affinio, said, “From day one, this collaboration has been built on a foundation of technical and value-based synergies between Affinio and Microsoft. Embedding Integrated Audience Analysis into the Microsoft ecosystem will allow global consumer goods companies and retailers to leverage first and third-party data to develop targeted marketing and advertising strategies by an understanding of the interests, passions, and affinities of their audiences.”

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Tim added, “Affinio’s ability to ingest, cluster and visualize massive amounts of data provides our customers with a PII-protected solution that is the foundation for achieving personalization at scale.”

Integrated Audience Analysis Impacts Full-Funnel Marketing Campaigns

Duncan Taylor
Duncan Taylor

Duncan Taylor, Global Industry Director’s Lead, Microsoft Global Industry Marketing, said, “In today’s content-saturated world it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to capture consumer attention. For both consumer goods companies and retailers alike, it’s not necessarily about the type of ad that makes them effective – it’s the ability to target the right audiences.”

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Duncan added, “Through our work with Affinio and their Integrated Audience Analysis solution powered by the Microsoft cloud, we are now able to help consumer goods companies and retailers reveal hidden insights about the subgroups of their brand’s audience and speed up data analysis to help them stay relevant and ultimately develop compelling content that resonates in a more impactful way with their audience.”

Affinio’s Integrated Audience Analysis solution allows consumer goods and retail companies to gain never-before accessible insights, empowering them to:

– Make customer-centric decisions that drive global personalization at scale

– Generate data-driven strategies for improving sales

– Discover hidden, interest-based audience clusters

– Gain actionable insights into psychographic and demographic data

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