Serving it Hot: Pro Tips to Make Marketing on LinkedIn Easy

Spice up Your Marketing on LinkedIn Based on the Tips Offered by LinkedIn’s Own Teams and Their Experiences

Just over a year ago, LinkedIn shared their very own ‘special’ in-house recipe to master marketing to B2B customers. The much talked about “Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing” brought together ingredients for a delectable engagement between LinkedIn’s content marketing, demand generation, product marketing, and ad operations teams.This opened up new opportunities in marketing on LinkedIn, identifying pro tips to execute highly effective campaigns and deliver the results the in-house team need throughout the funnel.

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LinkedIn’s Secret Sauce article offered relevant tactics and tips used by their Marketing Solutions team while executing campaigns on LinkedIn.

In a recent blog, LinkedIn’s Alexandra Rynne, revealed how the LinkedIn Marketing team is bringing back the Secret Sauce for Marketing on LinkedIn and turning up the heat. As she put it, “Same bottle. More flavor.”
Secret Sauce for Marketing on LinkedIn
Alexandra Rynne
Alexandra Rynne, Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

Alex wrote, “The ability to tolerate high levels of spice comes with practice and repetition. Over time, your tongue becomes conditioned to handling hot foods. Suddenly, that jalapeno pepper that used to provide a good sweat no longer delivers its previous punch. At that point, you’ve got to climb the Scoville scale to get your fix.”

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The guide to marketing on LinkedIn is designed to equip marketers with all the tips and tricks you need to turn up the heat on your LinkedIn campaigns and achieve your marketing goals in 2018.

She added, “In this same spirit, we’ve reconfigured the ingredients and formula for our secret sauce for an even bolder flavor. In the revamped guide, you’ll find updates that reflect all we’ve learned since releasing the original guide back in early 2017.”

What’s New for Marketing on LinkedIn

Among the additions are —

– LinkedIn’s latest A/B tests and real results using LinkedIn Sponsored Content, InMail, Dynamic Ads, and Lead Gen Forms

– Fresh examples demonstrating the latest best practices in action

– Tactics developed to maximize recently unveiled tools like LinkedIn Matched Audiences and the LinkedIn Insight Tag

– Advanced methods for producing stellar campaign ROI

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Clearly, LinkedIn’s in-house content marketing team is driven to continuously refine their marketing approach based on a better understanding of what resonates with professional audiences and drives superior results. Alex says, “This guide (secret sauce) is not prescriptive but rather should give you ideas of tests you can run to see what resonates with your audience.”

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