Ampersand Launches New Audience-Based TV Advertising Solution

Ampersand’s New Multi-Screen Platform Provides Centralized TV Advertising Solution with Ad Planning, Buying and Measurement Across 85 Million Households and 55 Percent of All Addressable Households

Ampersand, the data-driven TV advertising sales and technology company, announced the launch of The AND Platform. The AND Platform is a new TV Advertising Solution for planning, buying and measurement linked to the audience-based TV advertising. Ampersand was earlier NCC Media.

At launch, advertisers will be able to work with Ampersand teams to utilize the new platform with direct, self-serve access coming later this year. Also coming later this year will be the ability for clients to integrate The AND Platform into their own planning systems via an API for greater ease of use and flexibility.

At the time of launch, Nicolle Pangis, CEO of Ampersand said —

“With the launch of The AND platform, we’re bringing a new level of capability and scale to advanced TV advertising, providing agencies and marketers with a flexible and open solution for reaching audiences across the entirety of the TV viewing experience.”

Representing the single largest source of TV inventory in the industry, encompassing linear, streaming and digital video, The AND Platform provides marketers with reach across 85 million households, 120 cable networks and more than 55 percent of all addressable households.

The AND Platform is the first advanced TV Advertising Solution and platform to centralize every step of the campaign planning and buying process within a simple interface for both local and national TV buying. Fueled by anonymized and aggregated viewership insights from nearly 40 million households, with activation on 85 million households, the platform provides the largest scale in TV for executing multi-screen, audience-based buys.

Starting with the ability to define and find audiences, The AND Platform supports every step of advertisers’ media plan. These include:

  • Define + Find – Advertisers can now define audiences beyond traditional age and gender demos, to build custom audience segments using Ampersand’s anonymized and aggregated viewing insights from nearly 40 million households. Later this year, advertisers will be able to integrate their own first-party data sets into the platform.
  • Plan + Execute – Based on an advertiser’s selected audience segment, The AND Platform generates an optimized plan for where best to reach these audiences across Ampersand’s footprint of 85 million homes, 65 million spots annually, 3 billion viewing hours per month, and nearly 50% of all TV viewing impressions. With reach encompassing linear inventory across 120 cable networks as well as premium digital video supply, marketers can now seamlessly plan and execute audience-based investments at scale on any screen a viewer can consume premium video content.
  • Measure + Report – The AND Platform’s always-on measurement tools allow advertisers to measure both the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns. Marketers can now monitor campaign reach and frequency in-flight as well as performance against intended business outcomes. Measurement capabilities are powered by Ampersand partners TVSquared, Data+Math, Acxiom and more.

Nicolle added, “Ampersand’s The AND Platform takes the much-discussed promise of audience-based TV advertising from theory to wide-scale implementation, with the potential to deliver impressive results while remaining incredibly easy to use,” said Evy Galiatsatos, SVP, Group Partner, Integrated Investment, UM. “We see it as a powerful solution for our TV planning and buying.”

Ampersand is a data-driven TV advertising sales and technology company with the mission of enabling advertisers to reach their audiences across the full range of TV and digital environments. With a commitment to constant innovation and growth, Ampersand reaches 85 million households leveraging unique data insights to connect brands with audiences to drive desired outcomes. Ampersand is owned by three of the largest cable operators in the US: Comcast Corporation, Charter Communications, Inc. and Cox Communications.

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