Get Smart Content Rebrands Itself as Bound

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As Bound, Get Smart Content Launches 360 Persona Technology to Help B2B Marketers Drive Digital Engagement at Scale

Leading website personalization platform Get Smart Content is now Bound. The experts in digital marketing personalization announced the changein identity, effective immediately. With the adoption of its new brand and logo, Bound has simultaneously launched its redesigned website– . The company has also unveiled its new personalization platform, 360 Persona Technology.

Bound’s 360 Persona Technology is designed to help marketers understand their anonymous web visitors and engage them with real-time web personalization. The technology binds together fragmented data sources into a 360-degree digital persona.

Jim Eustace, CEO of Bound, said, “Marketers no longer need to rely on a persona as a concept only. Revenue marketers are building live detailed personas based on data attributes including job function, size of business, industry, seniority, and buying intent.”

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Bound’s 360 Persona Technology leverages over 20 data sources including, Linkedin, ClearBit, Kickfire, Tealium, native website data, and marketing automation platforms including Marketo and Eloqua. The data is organized into five types of attributes – firmographic, demographic, offsite intent, onsite behavior, and marketing automation platform custom fields to develop a vendor’s 360-degree persona.

Using Bound’s 360 Persona Technology, marketers can answer questions like, “how many healthcare IT decision makers visited my website last month and how well did they engage with the content on my site?” Marketers can also view how those IT decision makers engaged with the site versus other personas in the buying group, such as business decision makers. 360 Persona Technology provides a foundation for validating a marketer’s web audience and launching personalized web campaigns to dramatically improve engagement for the various stakeholders in a buying group.

Alignment with SiriusDecisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall(™)

SiriusDecisions recognized the need for marketers to engage the entire buying group and recently updated its Demand Waterfall to include demand units, a new demand type that places personas at the center of driving demand. In addition, SiriusDecisions introduced several new stages to their waterfall including an ”Active Demand” stage that recognizes many prospects are in market for solutions but have not yet engaged with marketing programs. In web terms, this translates into 95 percent of web visitors never filling out a form and formally engaging into a buying cycle, yet many of those buyers do indeed play a role in the buying group.

Jonathan Tam, SiriusDecisions Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies, said, “The new SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall recognizes the importance of engaging buyers in the active demand stage. Personalization solutions that identify a visitor’s persona and guide them to relevant content can instantly lift demand to the engaged stage significantly.”

Most notably, Bound’s data partnerships enable marketers to leverage unique data to engage key influencers and decision-makers with role-based targeting, which is essential to SiriusDecisions’ persona-centric approach.  

Bound’s 360 Persona Technology allows marketers to segment their anonymous web audience by persona attributes and learn how those prospects engage with the content on a vendor’s site. Bound’s personalization solutions allow marketers to develop marketing campaigns specifically designed to engage personas along their buyer journey.

Currently, Bound would continue to provide audience profiling, segmentation, and personalization solution. Combined, the platform and personalization experts empower marketers to build advanced segments and deliver personalized experiences that increase ROI on digital channels, convert leads, upsell, and close deals.

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