SpotX Provides Total Campaign Audience Insights for CTV

SpotX Serves As The First Digital Supply-Side Platform To Use Nielsen Analytics for CTV

SpotX, a global advertising and monetization platform, announced that it would be leveraging total incremental campaign on Nielsen’s audience data for connected TVs (CTV). It also offers demographic breakouts based on the data, thus becoming the first time a digital platform has leveraged Nielsen Analytics for CTV.

Viewership constantly continues to increase on connected TV devices. Understanding the need for independent measurement on ads is seemingly greater than ever and SpotX will help advertisers understand how to leverage SpotX’s exposure data and Nielsen’s panel data. The USP of this offering allows SpotX to provide deeper learning of CTV advertising along with desktop, mobile and linear TV channels.

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“Trusted third-party measurement in CTV has historically been the number-one barrier to entry for advertisers, and media buyers need measurement to make smarter CTV investment decisions. We’re thrilled to work with the industry leader to address this need for buyers while simultaneously creating more opportunities for publishers to monetize connected TV inventory, stimulating wider adoption for CTV overall,” said Mike Shehan, co-founder and CEO at SpotX.

Texas-based Proof Advertising is the first SpotX advertiser to frame the solution for Travel Texas, which is an organization which is dedicated to marketing Texas as a tourist destination.

“We intuitively know that combining connected TV with traditional TV allows us to reach incremental audiences.  For our client, Travel Texas, we jumped at the chance to start using Nielsen’s unique CTV and Linear TV reporting with SpotX because it’s a needed solution that will make us smarter and enable us to better understand how our ad total spend reaches an unduplicated audience reach on TV and beyond, ” said Ly Tran, associate partner and Chief Media Officer at Proof Advertising.

SpotX gives media owners the power to control data, provide actionable insights to create a direct pipeline with the advertisers for strong engagement and profits.

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