Outlier Analyzes More Data Sources to Identify Trends in Customer Behavior

New integrations unlock more valuable customer data for richer analysis

With its automated business analysis (ABA) platform, Outlier discovers and elevates unexpected changes in consumer behavior, customer demographics and buying patterns. For marketers and business analysts, this means unexpected behavior tied to any campaign, program or customer behavior can be flagged quickly, reviewed and used to adjust strategy accordingly.

The Outlier ABA platform enables data storytelling by automatically providing customers with the four to five daily stories they should be aware of, based on unexpected changes in data. Outlier performs dozens of forms of AI analysis automatically to create over a dozen story types. Each story type offers contextual information on behavioral data changes, related data and potential impact, as well as possible causality factors.

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Outlier adds analysis to show early signs of recovery

Use Benchmarks to identify when specific values behave differently than the majority in its group. The new Benchmark story type compares customer segments or products to inform customers when a specific value deviates from its group’s “benchmark”. For example, if total revenue for a majority of products is going down, but one product is going up, that product is divergent and will trigger a Benchmark story appearing above the “benchmark.” This story is especially helpful to organizations during the pandemic, as customers are struggling to quickly identify positive business activity. This form of analysis is immediately available to customers using Outlier.

A key benefit of this approach is the automatic and immediate value delivered by Outlier, eliminating the need to set up custom charts and visualizations to create a report for each metric. Outlier can benchmark across any metric automatically, a process that could take months to design using basic intelligence tools.

“Using other tools, analysts must set up rudimentary slope charts to track just a few metrics, often taking weeks to gain insight from and only tracking a few metrics at a time. Outlier solves this problem with Benchmark stories, saving analysts valuable time,” said Matt Maule, associate vice president of Business Intelligence at Celebrity Cruises. “It offers an automatic view of the business to identify which parts of the business are recovering faster. Outlier’s benchmark story provides the comparison quickly and automatically.”

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The Outlier ABA platform analyzes data from myriad data sources such as cloud services platforms like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, and database or storage systems like SQL, Snowflake and Amazon Redshift. Now, based on demand from customers, Outlier can query data from Hadoop-based distributed file systems as well, with new integrations. Recently added integrations include:

  • Apache Impala Integration
    Efficiency is key to an organization’s success, especially when it comes to data integration. Outlier has made querying data faster and more efficient with a new integration to Apache Impala, a modern, open source, massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop. Now, Outlier can analyze Impala data, which is a top choice to query data stored in a NoSQL database such as HDFS, Apache HBase and Amazon S3.
  • Presto Integration
    The Presto open source distributed SQL query engine is designed to run analytic queries against data sources of all sizes from gigabytes to petabytes. Presto can be used on top of data sources including Hadoop (via Hive), Cassandra, relational databases and Amazon S3. For organizations with Presto, Outlier now connects to any of those related data sources, analyzing data where it lives and unlocking more value.
  • Teradata Integration
    The Teradata SQL database and modern cloud analytics platform unifies customer data on public, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures, increasing customer ROI. Teradata connects to Outlier in minutes allowing users to query rich sets of cloud-based data.

“The new integrations and Benchmark story type help us expand on the analysis we already do,” said Sean Byrnes, CEO, Outlier. “As our customers continue to utilize our products to understand and run their businesses more efficiently, we continue to find innovative solutions to address their evolving and immediate needs.”

Using an ABA platform companies can track and optimize a customer’s digital journey, create stronger performing programs, adjust to customer and data behavior changes with more agility and improve revenue generation.

Outlier, based in sunny Oakland, California, helps global consumer, financial services and various other organizations identify unexpected changes within their critical business data. The Outlier automated business analysis platform uncovers unexpected patterns and relationships using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Organizations can integrate Outlier with existing sources of data within minutes, allowing leaders to gather business insights quickly, identify potential opportunities and address the unexpected.

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