Captivate Launches Captivate PLACES

All-New Research and Analytics Platform Empowers Advertisers to Optimize Campaigns, with Key Partners Placed, Dstillery, Nielsen, Vision Critical and Linkett 

Captivate, North America’s largest digital video office network, announced Captivate PLACES, an all-new centralized analytics and planning offering. This platform aggregates highly sought-after business and consumer data and pinpoints locations, devices and timing, empowering advertisers to optimize their brand campaigns. Now advertisers can use data-driven targeting capabilities to further identify on-the-go professionals and then effectively measure campaign ROI, which is unique in the digital out-of-home industry.

By leveraging insights from key partners, such as Placed, Dstillery, Nielsen, Vision Critical, Linkett and Infogroup, this new offering can identify consumer segments, behaviors, activity, media usage and transactions to build plans, conduct mapping and predictive response modeling as well as provide attribution.

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“Our continued partnership with Captivate to demonstrate the impact of office advertising to store visitation has proven to be a natural fit,” said David Shim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Placed. “We’ve seen great success so far and we’re excited to provide new advertisers with the ability to see how their campaigns can truly influence the in-store activity of principal shoppers.”

This innovative umbrella platform, uniting many of Captivate’s leading partners, provides advertisers and agencies with a beneficial one-stop shop. Key features include:

  • Planning. Target campaigns further with location data, website browsing behavior and first party CRM data
  • Location. Leverage quality venues and audiences to identify demographic, buying and media consumption behavior
  • Attribution. Measure campaign impact with research studies that track brand lift, foot traffic and incremental website visitation
  • Custom Audiences. Utilize first priority data to model look-alike audiences based on actual traits and behaviors of website users

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“Captivate’s unique environment of top office buildings includes millions of professionals with varying job titles, responsibilities and personal interests,” said Michael Guzewicz, Business Development Manager at Dstillery. “By utilizing insights from Dstillery’s Dscover Maps tool, marketers looking to reach qualified, active audiences can identify the class A buildings that have the highest concentration of their ideal audience, helping them to better plan and serve their ad campaigns.”

“Captivate is continuing to grow beyond the ‘screens in elevators,’ said Scott Marden, Chief Marketing Officer at Captivate. “Captivate PLACES now provides our partners with access to an extremely stable audience and a deeper understanding of their behaviors. Customers in the financial, retail and alcohol industries have been the largest segments for PLACES so far, but the analytics and planning tools are helpful for any brand trying to better optimize their media, show ROI and/or measure the value of key customer segments.”

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