BlueVenn Launches a New CDP-powered Email Channel Within its Omnichannel Marketing Hub

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BlueVenn, the award-winning Customer Data Platform (CDP), has launched a new email marketing channel within its multi-channel marketing automation engine, enabling its users to design, execute and automate more targeted and personalized email communications and combine email marketing with other online and offline channels for a true multi-channel marketing approach.

BlueVenn already integrates with the majority of the world’s email marketing platforms through bi-directional connectors and API integrations that allow the execution of email communications and ingest the resulting clicks, opens and results to trigger next actions in other channels. BlueVenn’s release of its own CDP-powered email marketing module therefore offers customers extra choice, with the additional benefit of being able to personalize content and offers with far more granularity than ever before.

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Chris Hares, BlueVenn’s Vice President of Engineering, said, “CDP-powered email marketing is something that multi-channel marketers need to elevate the personalization and accuracy of their campaigns. Email marketing platforms generally rely on an email address as a unique identifier, which can present problems when a single customer has multiple email addresses, resulting in them appearing twice or more in a single campaign. Similarly, the level of personalization can be limited because it is notoriously difficult to use data and events from offline interactions and purchases within an email platform. Having your email marketing directly powered by the CDP enables you to utilize the data held in all areas of the business to improve the relevancy of your emails.

“The additional benefit of having your email marketing held within BlueVenn is that you can combine it fully with the analytics, segmentation and multi-channel campaign management undertaken within our software. This ensures your email marketing decisions will be part of a holistic approach to the entire buying journey, in the course of which the average consumer touches more than five channels. ESPs traditionally don’t do analysis or campaign management at all, or don’t do it very well. The ability to identify a targeted audience is one of our specialities, far beyond what an ESP can offer, and our campaign management system is what they dream about in terms of feature sets.”

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Steve Klin, BlueVenn’s CEO, said, “The things most ESPs aspire to, like multi-channel campaign management and customer analytics, require an underlying data model that most email marketing solutions cannot achieve without rewriting the solution from the ground up. Marketers don’t just want to send emails, they want to send a personalized communication on whatever channel is important to the customer. The reality, however, is that email is still a batch and blast marketing tool, disconnected from other online and offline channels. This new functionality ensures that marketers can evolve a multi-channel methodology powered by the true Single Customer View that a CDP provides.”

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