Enterprise Marketers Realize Significant Financial Returns through Data-Driven Personalized Engagement

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Platform Helps Enterprises Achieve Substantial Increase in Customer Spend

SessionM, the leading customer engagement and loyalty platform, has released data from a recently conducted survey regarding loyalty campaign successes from enterprise clients in the retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and quick service restaurant (QSR) industries. By leveraging first-party data to engage consumers individually, clients have significantly increased customer spend, engagement and greater satisfaction due to SessionM’s Customer Data and Engagement Platform.

Survey results show loyalty campaign successes from SessionM enterprise clients in retail, CPG and QSR

As global enterprises continue to implement and leverage SessionM, clients within the retail, CPG and QSR industries have seen notable campaign results including:

  • Personalized Offers Drive Incremental Spend for Retailers – One of the nation’s leading supermarket chains utilized SessionM’s extensive experience and leveraged its machine learning capabilities to drive $180,000 incremental revenue growth in a single campaign, while simultaneously identifying an opportunity to increase revenue by as much as $300 million using personalized email recommendations. The client also saw an increase in spend of $7 per targeted customer.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Achieve Nearly 6x ROI with Spend Challenge – SessionM’s CPG clients continue to drive customer loyalty and increase spend by leveraging the platform’s access to continual real-time data input. In particular, a global leader in consumer packaged goods achieved a 5.7x return on investment and 9 percent increase in spend during a spend challenge. In a campaign focused only on new customer enrollments, the return was 8.9x and spend increased 16 percent.
  • Targeted Product Campaign Re-Engages Lapsed Guests for Quick Service Restaurants – In recent months, a SessionM client in the restaurant space, reported that one of its offers drove 10 percent more customers to its stores. The SessionM platform also facilitated a 38 percent increase in purchases of one of its targeted products through email campaigns. These efforts helped the QSR chain achieve a 2.7x return on re-engaging lapsed guests.

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“Today’s data-driven marketer should be committed to non-stop learning the same way that Netflix never stops learning about which shows you would like most, or Amazon never stops learning which products you’re likely to purchase,” said Josh Feng, director of strategy and analytics for SessionM. “At SessionM, we call this the learning and optimization process. Everything you deploy as a marketer should involve an intentional learning goal, and over time these collective learnings will inform targeting of the right customer, with the right action, at the right time.”

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SessionM’s platform is allowing customers to compose a roadmap of business objectives and then align their data architecture with that plan. In turn, brands are effectively analyzing key customer insights, predictive behavioral data and marketing activity to increase engagement with existing customers or to convert leads into new customers.

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