Lytics Audience Discovery Unlocks Insights That Drive Outstanding Customer Experiences

Lytics, the leading Customer Data Platform (“CDP”) for marketers, announced the release of Audience Discovery, enabling enterprise marketers to unlock insights about their customers that influence movement towards a conversion, maximizing engagement to increase conversions at a lower cost.

“Audience Discovery is a game changer when it comes to discovering new attributes of people for delivering campaigns that actually resonate”

Enterprise marketers are constantly tasked with creating more relevant, personalized experiences for their customers with the ultimate goal of increasing conversions. In order to achieve this, they generally rely on strategies like A/B testing and, ultimately, guesswork in order to determine the best people to target with what content.

Audience Discovery changes all that.

Using predictive modeling to analyze movement between audiences, marketers can discover the people deemed most likely and least likely to convert, and why. With one click, the user can take action by turning that group into its own audience for targeted campaign execution or campaign suppression, removing the guesswork.

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“Audience Discovery is a game changer when it comes to discovering new attributes of people for delivering campaigns that actually resonate,” said Jason Widup, Vice President of Marketing Operations at Tableau. “The more we can do to add predictability to our success metrics and efficiency for how we execute campaigns, the more we can focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience.”

For each conversion point analyzed, Audience Discovery surfaces an easy-to-read, dynamic report that always provides the latest insights and details how conversions are improving over time (sample report above).

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“Just having a centralized data source doesn’t solve marketing problems,” explains James McDermott, CEO of Lytics. “In fact, without insights, more data just creates more complexity. This is why we believe it is absolutely essential that Lytics not only be the leading Customer Data Platform, but also provide insights that enable marketers to make strategic, data-driven decisions. Audience Discovery is just the beginning of a key 2019 initiative at Lytics to deliver actionable insights to marketers, empowering them to exceed their goals.”

With Audience Discovery, marketers can discover new audiences with insights such as:

  • People who came from campaign_X are 12.8% more likely to convert to an email subscriber
  • People who come from channel_Y’s video ad campaigns are 27% more likely to become highly engaged visitors
  • People with an affinity for topic_Z are 2X more likely to become repeat purchasers

Each insight provides direction for new campaign tactics that can be hyper-focused and targeted to reach specific marketing goals, helping marketers provide more relevant messages that drive higher conversions at a lower cost.

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