Radius Launches New Data Stewardship App to Fix Bad, Siloed Salesforce Data

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Built on the Only B2B Enterprise Customer Data Platform and Data Ecosystem, Radius now keeps Salesforce data clean & current as enterprises invest in data management

Radius, the only B2B Enterprise Customer Data Platform, launches Data Stewardship for Salesforce as a groundbreaking upgrade to Salesforce’s Data.com as the company sunsets its legacy product. Data Stewardship for Salesforce ensures CRM data is clean and current by putting customers’ Salesforce records “under management.” With the ability to enrich and refresh records with unified external and internal data, B2B sales ops and CRM executives will dramatically accelerate sales efficiency and make reporting, routing, customer experience, and AI significantly smarter.

Improving data quality has long topped the list for enterprise investments. However, a Harvard Business Review study found that siloed and inaccurate data remain the top two challenges for growing revenue as teams are overwhelmed by a growing number of data sources and tools. With a number of enrichment apps available, none have built for the sophistication of B2B enterprises that struggle to manage many third-party data vendors and customer data sitting outside of Salesforce.

Radius’ new solution allows enterprises to manage data across any Salesforce field based on unified, trusted data. For the first time, customers will be able to seamlessly connect all their go-to-market data with external data from providers and Radius’ own data through The Network of Record and a new 4th generation matching engine dubbed M4. The platform tackles low value and time-consuming data management so sales can prospect more effectively, success and services will see a holistic view of customers, and ops teams can streamline revenue operations.

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“Existing tools enrich some external data, but what’s missing is an easy-to-use application coupled with a powerful platform that gives users access to data unified across all third-parties and their internal data sets,” said Radius CEO, Joel Carusone. “We built Data Stewardship for all Salesforce customers to evolve from the status quo by enriching and refreshing data based on a single source of truth.”

Businesses know that the cost of bad data is real, and putting ‘records under management’ has drastically transformed business operations and boosted revenue. One example is MINDBODY, who saw a 30% increase in sales efficiency by enriching over half a million inbound leads in real-time with location, revenue, and contact information. Another enterprise connected previously siloed media spend data that allows sales teams to identify trending markets and high-potential accounts, which led to over $1M in new revenue from smarter prospecting.

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For Salesforce Data.com customers, Data Stewardship for Salesforce takes data access, flexibility, and enrichment capabilities to the next level.

  • Access to significantly more data: Hundreds of signals, millions of contacts, +100M global accounts, and an intelligent data pipeline to deliver the best data possible.
  • Flexible enrichment & refresh rules: Radius fields that always stay updated, or enrich and refresh existing fields by creating an unlimited number of custom rules.
  • Enrich & refresh with any onboarded data sources: Unify prospect and customer data from any system, and enrich Salesforce records with onboarded and external data.
  • Easy to install, customize, and manage: AppExchange® package creates Radius-managed fields and new tab to customize configurations for flexible data management.

Data management capabilities are also available for non-Salesforce customers with Radius Unify, which delivers flexible APIs to manage all your B2B go-to-market data.

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