SkyPoint Cloud Announces Launch of SkyPoint Predict – Predictive Customer Data Insights Product

AI-powered profile enrichment unlocks new value for consumer and healthcare brands

SkyPoint Cloud (SkyPoint), the privacy-first customer data platform that enables consumer and healthcare brands to build deeper relationships with their customers, today announced the launch of SkyPoint Predict, predictive customer insights powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

SkyPoint unifies fragmented customer data from multiple systems and applications into comprehensive “customer 360” profiles, and provides business and technology users with the tools to secure, govern, and access that data.

With today’s launch of SkyPoint Predict, the platform automatically enriches customer profiles with dynamic and constantly-updated predictive behavioral insights. Users can now automatically identify a customer’s predicted customer lifetime value (CLV), churn propensity, product preferences, and more – and rapidly build predictive audiences to achieve specific business objectives. No model building or manual tuning is required on the part of the user.

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“The possibilities for customer-centric brands across industries – healthcare, ecommerce and retail, sports and media and more – are game-changing,” said Tisson Mathew, SkyPoint Founder and CEO. “Predictive insights enable businesses to anticipate customers’ needs, delivering experiences that drive engagement, improve health, and build long-term loyalty.”

SkyPoint has long used machine learning in other parts of its platform – most notably in its proprietary identity resolution technology, which relies on algorithmic linking of customer records with incomplete or inaccurate information.

But the latest launch makes AI a core part of profile enrichment: the set of activities required to transform data about an individual customer into useful insights that can be used for population-level analytics, segmentation, and personalization of the customer experience.

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“AI enables brands to see the people in their data and connect with them on a human level, even at massive scale,” said Joelle Poe, Chief Product Officer at SkyPoint. “The brands we work with are harnessing predictive insights for innovation that will change their customers’ lives: new apps, connected experiences, and personalized interventions.”

Two core infrastructure investments enable SkyPoint to deliver highly accurate, adaptive predictive insights. The first is SkyPoint’s unique-in-the-industry adherence to open data standards including the Common Data Model (CDM) and Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR), which enforce well-defined semantics around business concepts. The second is an autonomous AI pipeline, supported through a partnership with Databricks.

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