authID Integrates Verified CloudConnect with Okta Workforce Identity Cloud, Expands Offerings across Workforce and Customer Identity

Combining Verified with Okta’s Workforce and Customer Identity Clouds delivers authID’s phishing-resistant Human Factor Authentication™ that eliminates the risks of passwords and credential compromise for both workforce and customer applications

authID, a leading provider of secure identity authentication solutions, announced the integration of Verified CloudConnect with Okta’s Workforce Identity Cloud and the expanded availability of Verified 3.0’s full capabilities with Okta Customer Identity Cloud. authID’s Human Factor Authentication (HFA) can now help both Okta workforce and customer identity clients on their journey to eliminate passwords, prevent unauthorized access, as well as the business disruption caused by phishing attacks and compromised credentials.

Cybercriminals continue to prey on passwords, legacy MFA, and human error, which account for more than 80% of cybersecurity breaches. Delivering phishing-resistant MFA, authID’s HFA couples strong FIDO2 passwordless authentication with biometric certainty to authenticate the human through any device. Verified CloudConnect complements Okta’s Workforce and Customer Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms to secure desktop and mobile devices with cryptographic FIDO2 passkeys, while seamlessly enrolling and securing workforce users and customers with a simple selfie captured in any browser.

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HFA significantly reduces the risk of MFA bypass and fortifies enterprise security, while delivering a simplified user experience to solve major challenges in both workforce and consumer authentication. HFA also offers a strong, portable identity and secure account recovery to Okta customers.

“By reducing the risk of unauthorized access, account takeover, and password-based attacks while ensuring user experience goes uninterrupted, our Human Factor Authentication accelerates the move to zero trust for any organization,” said Tom Thimot, CEO of authID. “By collaborating with Okta, our solutions become available to a larger group of organizations and foster a more secure digital ecosystem for all.”

“By integrating across customer and workforce identity, authID and Okta provide our mutual customers strong passwordless authentication that defends against cyberattacks and is easy to deploy,” said Arnab Bose, Chief Product Officer for Workforce Identity Cloud at Okta. “We have built a strong relationship with authID and look forward to accelerating our mutual customers’ journeys to zero trust.”

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Verified CloudConnect for Okta leverages the OpenID Connect protocols as well as an API-first approach to support HFA across all enterprise cloud, SaaS, and even legacy systems. Enabling streamlined access to the ecosystem of Identity Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) providers, Verified helps organizations secure their enterprise and consumer applications and build a zero trust security model. Additional information on the Verified CloudConnect integrations can also be found on the authID listing on the Okta Integration Network-HFA, and on authID’s two listings on the Auth0 Marketplace-PasswordlessHFA and Auth0 Marketplace-BiometricMFA.

Okta reviews and publishes verified integrations on the Okta Integration Network and Auth0 Marketplace, enabling ISVs to participate in the growing demand for digital identity solutions and increase their visibility as well as making it easy for customers to discover and integrate complementary solutions.

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