Dstillery Partners with PurpleLab to Leverage Real-World Data in its Custom Patient Targeting Solution

Cookieless patient targeting solution further enhanced with ICD-10 codes

Dstillery, a custom audience solutions company, partnered with PurpleLab, Inc., a healthcare data and analytics platform provider, to power its Custom Patient Targeting solution with real-world data, including ICD-10 codes from claims data, making the solution even more custom and precise.

Powered by Dstillery’s patented ID-free technology, Custom Patient Targeting is a new privacy-safe targeting solution that helps healthcare brands drive optimal patient outcomes with less waste. With the PurpleLab partnership, Custom Patient Targeting leverages 40 billion medical and pharmacy claims capturing comprehensive coverage of the entire US population and 98% of payer data. Dstillery’s data scientists can seed a brand’s custom model with ICD-10 codes specific to a condition, in addition to search terms proven to reach the right patients. Custom Patient Targeting doesn’t rely on any form of personal user information, making it compliant with HIPAA, NAI and activation platform guidelines.

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“Our partnership with PurpleLab brings to the market the first-ever patient targeting solution that uses the precision of ICD-10 data while also being completely cookieless and identity-free in activation,” said Taejin In, SVP of Product at Dstillery. “Healthcare brands can now achieve the high audience quality KPIs they need without worry about third-party cookies or the privacy risk associated with user-based targeting.”

Agencies and their clients using Custom Patient Targeting, which went live in May 2022, are already running higher performance ad campaigns. A pharmaceutical brand reduced its cost per acquisition (CPA) by 84% and delivered three times more impressions than a contextual targeting solution.

“We know that healthcare brands want precise patient targeting, but are often faced with strict data requirements. By partnering with Dstillery, we’re able to help brands find cookieless alternatives that drive campaign performance while reaching patients in a privacy-safe and compliant way,” said Mark Brosso, founder and CEO at PurpleLab. “I’m excited to see how this partnership will improve experiences for both brands and patients without compromising data or user privacy.”

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Dstillery, the custom audience solutions company, empowers brands and agencies to reach their best customers across the programmatic web. Backed by our award-winning data science, Dstillery has earned 16 patents for the AI technology that powers our precise, scalable solutions. Our newest innovation, ID-free Custom AI, is a privacy-by-design behavioral targeting solution that performs on par with cookies — without user tracking. Our ID-based premier product, Custom AI Audiences, is a just-for-your-brand targeting solution that continuously scores hundreds of millions of users to deliver the best audiences for your brand.

PurpleLab is a health-tech company focused on driving immediate and decisive action based on precise insights from fully integrated real-world data. With HealthNexus™, the company’s sophisticated no-code analytics platform, healthcare stakeholders are empowered with the real-world evidence they need to solve conventional, new, and emerging challenges. Life science, payers, providers, and advertising companies derive value faster, more cost effectively, and with significantly greater confidence.

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