Introducing Bee6 Powered By Beez

Introducing Bee6 Powered by Beez

Beez, a next-generation, data analytics and data solutions company, has announced the release of their code-free data engineering and data science solution, Bee6. The purpose-built software significantly reduces the time needed to build and deploy sophisticated analytics across enterprise-scale organizations.

Bee6’s code-free modeling and data ingestion, coupled with its high-performance architecture, dramatically simplifies the process needed to condition data for analytics. Bee6 enables the application of a wide variety of analytics that can easily integrate with existing data stores, applications, or data science platforms, across a number of high-value use cases, including marketing, advertising, credit card fraud, fraudulent claims prevention, retail inventory optimization, and health and wellness.

“In transaction and data-rich industries, unseen relationships and patterns often go undetected for far too long, costing organizations millions of dollars annually,” said Megan Kvamme, CEO and Co-Founder of Beez. “Bee6’s graph analytics pipeline enables users to easily connect growing volumes of data and identify new opportunities or risks, facilitating new levels of cost savings and revenue generation. As a result of the pandemic, we identified the need to add new capabilities and fast-tracked our cloud services. We now deliver the power of our enterprise-grade software to a broader, more distributed, and remote workforce. This required a new team and focus, and we are excited to announce Beez.”

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Beez’s products have been used by Fortune 500 organizations to solve complex data problems such as fraud detection, enhanced customer visibility, retail assortment management, and promotion optimization. Bee6’s set of pre-built analysis algorithms enable a wide variety of capabilities to identify and understand relationships inherent in enterprise data.

For example, Bee6 provides capabilities to significantly improve the understanding of customer behaviors, trends, and patterns. Whether driving new personalization initiatives, recommendation engines, or simply improving the quality of Customer 360 information, Bee6’s unique capabilities uncover new, actionable insights at the speed required by modern customer-facing organizations.

“Beez was a key enabler of our data science strategy,” said Steve Stone, former CIO at Lowes and L-Brands, and Executive Advisor to Beez. “The clustering and pattern analytics we were able to perform using the new Bee6 platform uncovered insights we had been missing using our traditional business intelligence and data mining tools. For highly connected data, Beez provided a major step-up in our analytic capabilities without requiring the addition of new resources.”

“As a collective industry, we have come so far in data and analytics over the last decade. It has been a long journey for those tasked with modeling data needed for analytics, integrating and curating data, and developing solutions to link disparate identity keys,” said Tom Warden, the former Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Employers Holdings, and a former Chief Data Officer and Head of Customer Data Integration and Analytics at AIG. “To this point in the journey, most of this work has required extensive coding across multiple tools. To accelerate our progress and further elevate the value of analytics, we need the automation and capabilities delivered by Beez.”

To introduce Bee6 to the market, Beez is offering a free version of the product to customers for a limited time. “The ability to quickly and easily connect internal and external data sources such as Snowflake in new and previously impossible ways is what sets our Bee6 solution apart,” says Clark Richey, CTO and Co-Founder at Beez. “Now, you can automate link analysis across existing data sources without having to write code. Bee6 delivers results in minutes with no need to wrangle or cleanse data. With 50% faster queries and a time savings of 5X, users can truly transform their analysis.”

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