New Release of Pyramid Analytics Decision Intelligence Platform Readies Enterprises for the Next Wave in Business Analytics

Pyramid 2020.20 Delivers Intuitive, Smart Capabilities and Design to Maximize Performance and Adoption

A new release of the Decision Intelligence Platform from Pyramid Analytics uniquely addresses a need identified by influential technology industry analysts for Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) solutions that can support increasingly complex data-driven decision-making in real time using Big Data. A recent Gartner survey of business executives found that more than half of respondents (65%) believed the decisions they made were more complex than two years ago, while 53% said there was more pressure to justify or explain their decisions.

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“Decision intelligence is a practical approach to improve organizational decision making. It models each decision as a set of processes, using intelligence and analytics to inform, learn from and refine decisions.”

Governed self-service that enables all users in the organization to benefit from data-driven decision making, real-time query response that doesn’t constrain remote worker productivity, and a wide palette of visualization options for clarity and self-expression are just some of what sets Pyramid Analytics’ Decision Intelligence Platform apart from legacy business intelligence (BI) systems and desktop tools with limited functionality. Pyramid is a unified platform for data preparation, business analytics, and data science that eliminates the need for multiple tools, which come with higher costs and complexity.

Key Points

  • Smart, intuitive features bring the power of AI-enabled machine learning and analytics to all decision-makers.
  • New performance and security features increase the productivity of remote workers with even faster data access and query times. Customized data governance and compliance settings that scale to tens of thousands of users protect enterprise data.
  • A contextual, natural language Explain feature uses AI to support human exploration and experimentation to achieve deeper insights.
  • PYRANA direct query engine accesses data where it is stored and delivers answers at speeds in-memory database query cannot, while eliminating the security risks of downloading data to desktops.
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Gartner predicts that a third of all large organizations will employ analysts that practice decision intelligence, including decision modelling, as soon as 2023. Pyramid Analytics is best positioned to be the catalyst for this evolution among midsize and large enterprises. Many of its customers have built out decisioning processes, hired data analysts and data scientists, and brought the power of Analytics and BI to every decision maker in their organizations.

VentureBeat reported that “Gartner has flagged Decision Intelligence (DI) as a novel new way for organizations to capitalize on fast-moving data and rapidly changing environments in order to gain a competitive advantage. DI concerns itself specifically with how decisions are made and how outcomes are to be evaluated and improved based on user feedback and other data sets. Gartner says this technology will be in place at a third of all large organizations within two years.”

Gartner writes that, “Decision intelligence is a practical approach to improve organizational decision making. It models each decision as a set of processes, using intelligence and analytics to inform, learn from and refine decisions.”

Customer Quotes

  • BI Program Manager, Healthcare industry, US$30B+ enterprise: “The capabilities of the Pyramid solution have out-performed all competition and provide a complete BI platform on which to deliver our BI service to the business users. Pyramid is intuitive and allows business users of all technical abilities to gain value from the product and the data it makes available to them.”
  • Senior Manager, BI Projects, Retail industry, US$1–3B enterprise: “Pyramid allowed us to accelerate time to value with faster reporting. we now deliver role-based insights from a single source of data. We deliver centralized analytics from hybrid environments. Pyramid’s ability to connect to almost any data source and then combine that into a single data model creates opportunities to innovate with new data sources.”

Executive Quote

  • Omri Kohl, CEO and Co-Founder, Pyramid Analytics: “Making the complex appear simple is tremendously challenging, but it is essential to making an integrated decision intelligence platform that enables all users to use all the data available to them to up their analytics game. Pyramid’s engineering team met this challenge with a powerful analytics and BI technology that is well-suited to support a broad range of use cases and large numbers of end-users in multiple roles without compromise.”

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