New Report From, Knak, and Adobe Shows That More Than 80% of Companies Have a Dedicated Marketing Operations Individual or Team In 2022

The State of the MO Pro 2022 report by, in partnership with Knak and Adobe, reveals the power of Marketing Ops for driving revenue, and more

Today, a new report by, in partnership with Knak, the codeless email and landing page creation platform for enterprise marketers, and Adobe, found that a number of organizations are investing heavily in Marketing Operations to help drive revenue. The State of the MO Pro 2022 report explores how Marketing Operations teams work across organizations, what technology is leveraged, and how senior leadership can support the growth of their employees. Over 550 Marketing Ops professionals (MO Pros) were surveyed for the report.

In 2021, only 65% of organizations had a Marketing Ops professional (MO Pro) in house. In 2022 that number is now at over 80%. The report serves as a benchmark for those in the field, which is in some ways still finding its footing. There is an increasing need to properly automate and manage marketing operations. As marketing scales, more opportunities for MO Pros have been introduced across all industries and seniority levels, according to the report.

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The findings show that email marketing is in fact not dead, with more than 50% of Marketing Ops professionals including a dedicated email marketing and/or landing page creation tool in their tech stack in 2022. The report also exemplifies that Marketing Ops entails much more than email. Other responsibilities of this profession include: Developing and implementing software or system integrations/management, designing, implementing, and optimizing operational policies and procedures, evaluation of and needs-identification for tech stack, conducting and analyzing market and competitive research, evaluation and purchase of IT hardware, and more.

“Last year, we learned a lot about the Marketing Ops field, like that Marketing Ops professionals are open to adopting new tech, and that they are often solely responsible for the admin of their marketing automation platforms,” said Mike Rizzo, Founder of “For The State of the MO Pro 2022 report, we dug a little deeper to find out exactly how MO Pros work best, what their tech stacks are, and what support they need to excel.”

“One of the most sought after roles within an organization is increasingly becoming Marketing Operations, which is something the Knak team sees across our network,” said Pierce Ujjainwalla, Knak’s CEO and Co-founder. “As a career marketer and a MarTech founder, it is important to me to be able to partner with organizations like and Adobe to set benchmarks for the Marketing Operations industry as it continues to grow.”

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Additional insights from the report:

  • Marketing Ops teams’ top priority in 2022 is to support revenue operations and optimization
  • MO Pros skew on the younger side, with Millennials and Gen Z being the most heavily represented generations in the field
  • Half of the marketers surveyed reported not knowing HTML, showcasing why codeless email and landing page creation is so important

Overall, the data from this benchmark report shows that MO Pros aren’t going anywhere. With the younger workforce behind the field and the ability to automate Marketing Operations through tech know-how, this group of marketing professionals is sure to dominate the industry in the years to come.

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