Small Business Marketing Goes Virtual Due to Covid-19

Small businesses are increasing spending on digital marketing in response to changing consumer behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a meta-analysis of data by SCORE, mentors to America’s small businesses. As consumers continue to purchase products and services online, 91% of small business owners will engage in some form of digital marketing this year.

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Businesses plan to increase digital marketing budgets this year:

  • 78% of business owners plan to increase digital marketing spend.
  • 73% plan to increase total social media budget and 45% plan to increase social media advertising.
  • 35% plan to increase video advertising.

Website and social media are business owners’ preferred digital marketing channels:

  • 51% of business owners use a company website.
  • 49% use social media.
  • 34% use email marketing.
  • 33% use online advertising.

73% of business owners consider social media to be their most successful digital marketing channel, in particular:

  • Facebook – 66% successful
  • YouTube – 42% successful
  • Instagram – 41% successful

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