Upwave Launches Pioneering Optimization Metrics for Brand Marketers, Shifting Paradigm for CTV Measurement

Outperformance Indicator leverages proprietary machine-learning algorithms for marketers to re-allocate media in-flight, much faster than traditional analytics

Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand marketers, today announced the addition of the new Outperformance Indicator metric to its industry-leading dashboard for marketers. Marketers will now have the ability to make accurate media allocation and optimization decisions in-flight before the data reaches “statistical significance” like traditional lift analysis requires. This is possible because the machine learning underpinning the Outperformance Indicator combines the observed lift with confidence levels to create one unified, sortable metric that marketers can use to guide allocation and optimization decisions.

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Traditional brand lift metrics were designed for reporting and post-campaign planning purposes. For years, marketers would “hack” their lift charts for insights into allocation and optimization decisions, but constantly faced the challenge of deciding between tactics with a higher chance of lower lift, or a lower chance of higher lift. So it was not clear to marketers precisely how traditional lift analysis could be used to inform optimization decisions.

However, the Outperformance Indicator is built from the ground up and intended specifically for optimization and allocation decisions, not reporting and planning decisions. Marketers receive metrics on channel, publishers, creative, placement, and tactic performance that can readily be translated into campaign adjustments. Marketers no longer need to wait until the campaign has progressed to a point where traditional statistical significance benchmarks are met. This is particularly important for Connected-TV (CTV) campaigns where marketers are still struggling to understand what tactics are the most effective and to allocate their investments in real time accordingly. Also, because the metrics are now actionable at any point in the campaign, optimizing brand campaigns feels exactly like optimizing performance campaigns. Previously, brand campaigns required a slower “wait and see” approach.

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“We are thrilled to leverage this first-of-its-kind capability from Upwave in our custom AI-driven advertising solutions,” said Ali Manning, COO of Chalice, a programmatic advertising firm, and former head of Brand Advertising at YouTube/Google. “The Outperformance Indicator provides our Brand Lift algorithms with the agility to discover new audiences and optimize to lift signals in real time, much as we do for performance campaigns. Brand advertisers have long sought a measurement solution that would inform their strategy during, not after, a campaign. ” Chalice has leveraged Upwave’s technology on behalf of clients like Biden for President campaign and Ossoff for Senate.

“We now empower marketers with the perpetual in-flight optimization capabilities for brand campaigns that they already enjoy for performance campaigns,” said Upwave CEO Chris Kelly . “While traditional lift analysis is powerful for reporting once the data reaches statistical significance, those systems were not built with always-on optimization in mind. We’re excited to lead the industry forward with a more advanced, faster, more accurate way to optimize brand campaigns in-flight, which we expect will be especially useful for emerging channels like CTV.”

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