Versium Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Records Scored with its AI Predictive Targeting Engine

Expanding Proprietary LifeData to 1.5 Trillion Attributes Hones Targeting Predictability

Versium, a market-leading predictive analytics company, announced a major milestone in the usage of the company’s automated AI predictive targeting engine. Versium has eclipsed 1 Billion prospect records scored per month, helping companies significantly increase sales and marketing efficiencies by leveraging machine learning technologies.

In addition, the company’s proprietary LifeData warehouse that powers its AI engine now exceeds more than 1.5 trillion consumer and business data attribute from more than 200 countries. These milestones demonstrate the power and scalability of Versium’s highly efficient and automated AI data processing engine, validating its fortitude as a company. In response to recent international legislative changes, the company also announced that it is fully GDPR compliant.

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Versium Founder and CEO Chris Matty stated, “These are major milestones for Versium. In the big data, AI analytics industry, the market is shifting from professional services to product. Our advances in automating data processing and AI modeling supports changing market demand and secures our position for the long term.” Matty continued, “Our proprietary LifeData makes our predictive models most accurate. While others in the market are using expensive professional services to solve these complex problems, we have built the technology to automate the process, thereby yielding accuracy, time and cost efficiencies. Routinely scoring more than 1 billion records monthly demonstrates that Versium has figured out how to scale its technology and grow profitably while expanding.” This fact is reinforced by Versium’s profitable quarter-over-quarter growth since 2017.

Founded in 2012, privately- held Versium is a data technology company that helps brands and agencies unleash the power of AI to dramatically improve marketing ROI. Versium’s automated predictive analytics solutions leverage the company’s SaaS-based, AI analytics platform and exclusive LifeData targeting data warehouse, to provide fast, accurate and actionable data intelligence at a fraction of the cost of hiring data science teams or professional services organizations. LifeData is the only industry source to contain more than 1.5 trillion proprietary consumer and business data attributes. Critical for advanced targeting, it includes both online and offline consumer and business professional behavioral data such as social-graphic details, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, activities, skills, demographics and more. When these attributes are matched to an enterprise’s internal data and used in Versium’s machine learning models, clients improve customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell and upsell marketing activities. Respected industry leaders including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Wunderman and others, use Versium AI-powered solutions to market effectively and grow.

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