Meet the Jetsons: Are We As Close to Achieving Control Over AI As We Thought?

CTOs and Senior Executives Speak about the Functionality of ML/AI in Martech

Growing up watching Rosie the Robot take care of the Jetsons’ house in Skypad Apartments was fun. With ABC all set to bring back the world of Orbit City through a live-action series, one wonders if we are anywhere close to achieving what the original writers thought we would have by the 21st century. No, not the flying cars yet, but we do have George’s RUDI – Referential Universal Digital Indexer – aka workstations and the internet. Now if only Rosie got us a cup of tea while we worked, things would have escalated more quickly.

Jokes apart! As far as Martech and AI are concerned, the growth has been slow, but steady. Throughout this year, many CTOs shared their expectations from ML/AI and what their companies are doing to incorporate AI into everyday working. Here’s what some of them had to share in their Tech Bytes:

Dailymotion Expands Distribution with Android TV
Guillaume Clément

Guillaume Clement, Chief Product Officer, Dailymotion, shared, “Artificial intelligence is certainly top of mind at Dailymotion, and we have teams exploring future uses cases for how we can leverage data to create even better consumer experiences on our platform. One way that we’re already doing this is through our algorithmic approach to personalization. Our users each engage in an onboarding process designed to learn their unique tastes and interests, and the more they use our platform (and the more content they engage with), the better we’re able to help them discover the content they love.”

He added that he thinks AI will also continue to be exceptionally powerful “when it comes to ensuring creators’ rights are respected in our platform. We employ multiple tools and technologies to enforce our best in class standards for content. Once an issue is reported, we have the resources in place to remove all associated assets within two hours.”

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Ted Jaffe
Ted Jaffe

Ted Jaffe, Senior Product Manager, RingCentral was of the opinion that there are many exciting opportunities for AI in the communications realm. Talking about how RingCentral’ advancements to its Glip team collaboration platform to better automate processes and enable seamless workflows. He listed them as follows:

  • Salesforce Alert Bot: Salesforce Alert Bot in Glip captures Salesforce events and sends notifications to Glip teams. This feature enables sales managers to have immediate updates on opportunities without having to open Salesforce in a separate application. We expect to have this Bot be available in early 2018.
  • A chatbot platform partner of RingCentral, Kore.AI has enabled four leading bots within the Glip platform, including Salesforce, Twitter, Asana, and Trello.
  • A conversation intelligence platform for sales teams, the integration provides call transcription and analytics within the collaborative Glip platform, so teams can replicate best sales practices and drive effectiveness at scale.

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Bartłomiej Romański
Bartłomiej Romański

Bartłomiej Romański, Chief Technology Officer, RTB House was quick to point out that AI is giving us endless possibilities and it will determine all our future efforts. “The best example of how much further deep learning can be developed is AlphaGo, the computer program created to win Go, one of the most difficult logic games in the world. The first version of AlphaGo was launched in 2014. In 2016, AlphaGo defeated South Korea’s grandmaster, Lee Sedola. Sedola managed to win only one round. In May 2017, the next win for the program was announced – in a three to zero defeat, AlphaGo triumphed over Chinese grandmaster Ke Jie.”

He added that however, all these versions of AlphaGo needed significant human assistance to reach a level that would allow them to defeat the grandmasters. “The latest version, AlphaGo Zero practiced playing from the beginning alone, omitting the human factor. In this way, the program quickly surpassed the level of human players and defeated the previous version of AlphaGo 100 to 0. Imagine what it could signify for our industry and how much we can enhance our technology powered by AI. For this reason, we have focused our efforts to be one of the first retargeters to use 100 percent deep learning technology. We are excelling in the space and are continuing our focus on increasing the effectiveness.”

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Barry Pellas
Barry Pellas

Citing Gartner’ estimates that the world’s information will grow by 800 percent in the next five years, Barry Pellas, Chief Technology Officer, PointSource, added that 80 percent of that data will be unstructured. “With this influx of information, cognitive computing and AI technologies will be increasingly used to harness data in order to transform business intelligence and digital experiences alongside human capabilities. As artificial intelligence and machine learning become further ingrained within the everyday user experience, we’ll see increased pressure on organizations to employ this technology to stay competitive and achieve better business outcomes.”

Pellas believes that while organizations might not be ready to dive deeply into more mature technology, there is little reason not to start preparing for them by implementing practical applications of AI and machine learning where it makes sense in small chunks. “Often, organizations get caught up in the flashy, cool technology without giving thought to the scalable architecture that’s necessary to support these initiatives. As this technology becomes more essential, organizations will need to look for ways to build the necessary foundation to support advanced technology. UX teams should challenge themselves based on assumptions of smarter systems and developers should prepare to create those smart systems by exploring simple ways to inject intelligence. Over the next few years, we can expect to see more organizations start to gradually adopt digital solutions that will equip them with the tools to employ AI and machine learning when they are ready. By gaining familiarity with this technology, organizations can get ahead of the curve with minor investment or change in their process.”

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