Hubspot and Taboola Announce Strategic Partnership, Turning on Content Discovery for 40,000 Brands

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Partnership will Integrate Taboola’s Campaign Manager in HubSpot To Allow Brands to Start Campaigns in Real Time

Taboola, the leading discovery platform, announced a partnership with HubSpot, a leading CRM, marketing, sales and customer service platform. Partners of Taboola and HubSpot will now be able to seamlessly start content marketing campaigns with Taboola through the HubSpot platform.

Taboola’s partnership with HubSpot will serve over 40,000 marketers with direct access to Taboola’s content discovery platform. Through the integration, HubSpot users who publish blog posts will be able to define and activate a Taboola campaign straight from the HubSpot platform allowing them to reach new, relevant audiences at scale. Marketers running campaigns will have full control through HubSpot; they can target multiple audiences that fit their products, manage budgets, A/B test creatives via a Taboola integration with Getty Images, and view real-time reports in order to optimize campaign performance and drive high conversions as needed.

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The partnership comes on the heels of Taboola’s recent announcement that its Self Service platform for marketers grew to nearly $100 million run rate in its first year. Taboola’s self-service business unit offers cost-efficient and scalable solutions to marketers allowing them to reach 1.4B users globally outside of search and social, placing relevant recommendations on some of the most premium publishers in the world, carrying high editorial value and brand safety.

Hubspot and Taboola Announce Strategic Partnership, Turning on Content Discovery for 40,000 Brands

“We are always looking for new ways to help our customers scale – as cost efficiently as possible. Taboola is a platform that so many of our customers are already using and we’re excited to offer them an easy way to streamline their content marketing efforts,” said Kevin Raheja, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hubspot. “We have integrations with Search and Social, so we were seeking a way to round out our offering with Discovery. Taboola is a great platform that offers massive reach on premium publishers in a brand safe environment.”

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Adam Singolda

“Every brand has a story that deserves to be discovered and we’re on a mission to enable as many brands as we can to reach their potential audience effectively and easily,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and Founder of Taboola. “We’re in an era of storytelling, and marketers – big and small – are transitioning from traditional advertising to storytelling. Through Discovery, we are able to offer brands an alternative, outside of Search and Social, and offer even more reach and credibility by getting brands recommended on premium publisher sites.”

Taboola is the leading discovery platform, serving over 450 billion recommendations of articles, blogs, videos, products and apps to over one billion unique users every month on thousands of premium sites and mobile carriers. Publishers, brand marketers, and performance advertisers leverage Taboola to retain users on their sites, monetize their traffic and distribute organic and sponsored content as well as video to engage high-quality audiences.

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