Five Ways to Create Great B2B Content

Web Content Today Aims to Sell and Persuade an Audience to Actively Engage in Business. It Is the Key in a Conversion Process and Induces Customer Engagement

Content marketing, if done right can make your business stand out in the competition. You may be a blogger, a marketer, an SMB owner or perhaps a tech writer—getting a firm grip on your content is the stepping stone to succeeding in marketing.

The content marketing landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace. It is important to connect these dots and further understand the depth of business generated through content marketing and writing.

  • At least 60% of marketers say that they create one piece of content each day. Consistency is the key to a good content writing strategy.
  • B2B and B2C marketers both believe that content marketing is one of the most important strategies ever. 53 % of marketers in 2017 claimed to have content marketing as their top inbound marketing strategy.
  • B2B marketers allocate an average of 28% of their total marketing budget to content marketing.
  • 47% of interested buyers admitted to searching through 3-5 pieces of content online before finally engaging with the sales representative.

The biggest hurdles any content marketing could face are which type of content would resonate with their audience and at what rate should they be produced.

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Below are five ways of creating great content to establish your brand or yourself as a superior writer with quality strength;

  • Content Marketing with Images;.

According to a report by HubSpot, content which includes relevance and adds some pop to your piece is frequented by readers by a 94% upscale in views than content which is only textual.  The images must be relevant and appropriate to be matched along with the content. There are plenty of free sites for professional high-quality images such as Unsplash, Getty, Pexels, Pixabay among others.

  • Verifying Facts and Stats;

A simple way to beef up your content is to post verified stats and figures published by recognized researchers and analysts. Smarter audiences prefer analytics over randomly-parked texts Facts and reports improve quality of content, especially if you are addressing B2B tech industry.

Alexa, Amazon’s subsidiary is a trustworthy tool which helps users’ access traffic and estimates ranks based on the mass-browsing behavior. Typing in your target URL and getting a rank more than 100,000 is the simplest way of rectifying and using a high-quality link within your content.

  • The Power of an Infographic

As you read this, Infographics are created, posted and shared on social media thrice as often as any other content posted online. An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read and viewed than a text-only piece presented alongside it. An infographic can be created right from scratch using software like Adobe InDesign or there are options for putting templates to use. Some tools that can assist you in creating easy Infographics in a few short steps include Canva, Google Charts, Venngage, Infogram, Piktochart among others.  Also, ascertain including an infographic that is relevant, has high-quality and is professional to be posted.

  • The Depth, Length, and Focus

Comprehending writing gets difficult if you, as a content writer do not pay attention to the details and the depth of your writing. Content which is spotty and convoluted makes reading tricky and unfocused. Keep in mind the rules of short, medium and long-form content to better hone your skills as a writer and delivering value to your audience. The idea of content writing and content marketing is to understand what your readers want and providing them the same to keep them engaged.

  • Write with the Power of a Unique Voice

Online writing is about maintaining brand values and ethos of the company without letting personal biases take over. The content should have a unique flair; not delivered at the cost of losing brand values.  . Developing tactics to portray the essence of your own style sets you apart from the clutter of content in the digital world. This technique of writing should only keep evolving in the span of your career to create brand identity, awareness, and re-sharable content. Finding your own voice as a writer is a crucial aspect of content marketing today.

All media provided online and otherwise have begun with the same link; Words. The entire point of words is to create a narrative which is concise, precise, focused and uniform. Content which is deliverable, organized and engaging is truly what matters the most; in relation to your brand, your audience and yourself.

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