Movable Ink and Persado Partner to Build AI-Powered Personalized Content Engagements

Movable Ink and Persado Unite the Power of Precise Language and Emotion with Real-Time Content Testing and Optimization

Movable Ink, a leading intelligent content platform, and Persado, a leading provider of AI-generated marketing language, today announced a collaborative partnership to help brands generate and test personalized content within email campaigns to build meaningful customer relationships and increase engagement and conversions.

movableink + persado

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By combining Persado’s AI-powered solution for generating the specific words and emotions that resonate with a given audience with Movable Ink’s real-time testing and optimization, email marketers can automatically generate and deploy the best-performing content every time for every customer.

At the time of this announcement, Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink, said, “Effective, high-touch personalization is becoming more important and more challenging than ever as brands must cater to the interests, context, behaviors, emotions, and preferences of every individual customer. Persado understands and has tackled this challenge extremely well.”

According to an October 2017 report by Forrester Research, Vendor Landscape: Personalization Solution Providers, Q3 2017, 78 percent of the US online adults have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that has personalized an experience or service. With Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform, marketers can leverage data from numerous sources to power real-time personalization that drives performance, increases productivity and deliver compelling consumer experiences.

Persado’s Marketing Language Cloud allows marketers to take advantage of Persado’s deep learning algorithms to generate the language that best resonates with customers, as well as create an emotional marketing response profile for audiences and individual customers.

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Through this partnership, brands can now use both Persado’s and Movable Ink’s technology to combine personalized language and emotion with intelligent content, generate calls-to-action that drive urgency and create persuasive email subject lines and email body content that drive performance.

Persado CEO Alex Vratskides added, “With Movable Ink, we’ve found a partner that shares a common vision and track record of enabling brands to create the kind of content and experiences that build long long-term customer relationships and loyalty.”

Here’s what one of their joint customers had to say –“The combined power of Movable Ink and Persado help to serve our audiences messages that connect on a personal and emotional level,” said Carrie Gouldin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “Persado and Movable Ink are making it easy to bring data-driven language to the forefront of marketing automation.”

Movable Ink and Persado will work together to provide brands with these benefits —

Language Optimization

Persado’s deep learning algorithms generate language variations and determine the most relevant use of emotions, symbols, formatting, calls-to-action, and positioning to increase engagement and conversions for every individual customer.

Testing Automation

Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform automatically generates multiple content variants in real-time, allowing email marketers to quickly set up and execute experiments that outperform traditional A/B testing approaches.

Maximum Efficiency

With Persado and Movable Ink, marketers can reduce the time, effort, and friction associated with experiment setup and execution. Movable Ink ingests Persado’s language variations and sets up experiments using only one HTML image embed code with no required segmentation.

The partnership will be available to current customers immediately, giving brands access to both Movable Ink and Persado’s features.

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