Movable Ink Partners with Pega to Deliver AI-Powered Actions in Email Campaigns

AI-Powered Next Best Actions and Real-Time Content Personalization Help Marketers Increase Consumer Engagement and Conversions

Movable Ink, a leading intelligent content platform for digital marketers, announced a partnership with Pega. Pega is the leader in software for customer engagement. The two companies joined hands to enable brands to personalize email campaigns using AI-powered next best actions.

Combining Pega’s ability to facilitate the right action for every customer in real time with Movable Ink’s ability to test and generate personalized content at the moment of open, marketers can ensure the best possible customer experience that’s consistent across email and other channels.

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Customers Would Witness Real-Time Personalization That Drives Performance, Increases Productivity, and Delivers Compelling Consumer Experiences

With Movable Ink’s intelligent content platform, marketers can leverage data from any source to power real-time personalization that drives performance, increases productivity, and delivers compelling consumer experiences. The AI-powered Pega Marketing application leverages intelligence from multiple datasets to automatically recommend the best product, service, or action to every individual customer based on continuous interactions across every channel.

The partnership will be available to mutual clients of Movable Ink and Pega immediately, giving brands access to both Movable Ink’s and Pega’s capabilities. 

Through this partnership and software integration, brands can now seamlessly use both Pega’s and Movable Ink’s technology to power email messages with the most relevant and compelling image-based offers in real time to eliminate disjointed experiences, increase productivity, and boost customer engagement and revenues.

Movable Ink-Pega Partnership is a Powerful Option for Marketers

At the time of this announcement, Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink, said, “The most effective marketing delivers more than an offer; it’s about the entire experience the offer comes wrapped in.”

Vivek added, “From images to text, delivering a perfect experience requires deep knowledge of consumers and the ability to use data to adapt in the moment. This is central to what both we and Pega enable, making this partnership a natural fit and powerful option for marketers.”

“Generating superior customer experiences is about delivering the right message, content, action, offer, or suggestion at the customer’s moment of need,” said Tom Libretto, CMO, Pegasystems.

Tom added, “This integration with Movable Ink enables marketers and salespeople to extend dynamic, personalized emails even further by injecting AI-powered next best actions into content that is optimized for each individual customer or prospect at the moment of open.”

Content Marketing and CRM come Together to Deliver Consistent Customer Experiences

Movable Ink and Pega work together to provide brands with these benefits —

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

sing Movable Ink’s Intelligent Content platform and the Pega Marketing application together, marketers can now easily integrate next best actions into email campaigns regardless of ESP (email service provider), ensuring consistent customer experiences across all channels.

Increased Customer Value

Together, Movable Ink and Pega maximize value for every customer by providing the most intelligent, hyper-personalized calls to action based on behaviors, preferences, and context.

More Revenue from Email

With content that is customized in real time, messages are more relevant and compelling, driving increased responses, click through rates, and conversions.

Pega provides an end-to-end suite of customer engagement applications for marketing, sales, and customer service powered by Pega Customer Decision Hub, its real-time artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Built on Pega Platform, the industry-leading application development platform, Pega’s CRM solutions enable clients to anticipate customers’ changing needs and provide personalized, AI-driven recommendations throughout the customer journey.

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