NewsCred Launches Idea Lab to Assist Marketers with Content Ideation and Planning

The NewsCred Expansion Combines SEO, Social Trend, Rank Tracking and Voice Data to Better Optimize Content Search for Marketers

NewsCred, the world’s leading enterprise content marketing platform provider, announced the addition of Idea Lab. Idea Lab’s launch shows the silos between ideation and execution can be overcome, thus enhancing the process of content creation with social and search trend data.

Idea Lab will assist marketing teams to identify the topics that resonate with audiences, have a high ranking in search and drive organic traffic. Marketers can now analyze competitive rank tracking, conduct automated keyword research and review share voice result data. The ability to leverage these processes will help in determining keyword targeting while ensuring the content addresses related concepts that are searched for by the audience.

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Shafqat Islam, Co-founder, and CEO, NewsCred says, “Given the cost-effectiveness of organic traffic in driving business results and that 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search, it’s imperative for marketing teams to have a strategy in place to produce content that’s optimized for search at the time of distribution. We’re seeing the convergence of content marketing and search marketing, and we wanted to be the first to bring those two capabilities together inside of a single platform.”

Idea Lab

Idea Lab goes way beyond basic search volume data. Idea Lab assists marketers by giving them a holistic view of the SEO opportunity, how the brand stands in comparison to competitors and a deeper understanding of audience requirements. As a result, marketers develop comprehensive and compelling content which helps in increasing targeted site traffic content. Some of the key insights that can help drive organic traffic include;

Keyword Research and Recommendations

Determining what keywords are targeted at to improve search rankings. Expansion and refining of topics with keyword recommendations ensure content addresses the related concepts which are searched for by an audience.

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Share of Voice

Identifying a complete set of competitors for the ranking of key topics, reviewing content and winning organic traffic.

Keyword Rank Tracking

The keyword rank tracking enables ranking of valuable keywords by identifying the gaps in content which impact the SERP position. It also determines the strategy behind the plan along with generating tactics to overtake the competition.

Common Questions

Idea Lab enables development of content with the brand’s USP in mind thus portraying your brand in full transparency and as a trusted source.

Social Trend Data

Inspiration from your content based on articles, channels, and formats will be popular with an audience through social media. Idea Lab also ensures data-driven deliverance on social trend data.

Kate Walker, Content and Social Media Marketing Manager, Toughbook Marketing, Panasonic said, “It is critical for our content to rank high in search results to drive strong organic traffic and ensure that the content is being consumed by the right audience. NewsCred’s Idea Lab is immensely valuable for quickly understanding search trend volume and providing intelligent recommendations, so we can hone the keywords we want to own and better optimize our content for search.”

The NewsCred Content Marketing Platform enhances the visibility, scale, and performance of content which is produced across enterprise marketing organizations by streamlining the creation process from ideation to publishing, improving collaboration between global markets and functional teams thus bringing the ability to surface data-driven insights which connect business results to content.

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