Marketing Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Yieldmo, Grammarly, Uberflip, Veriff and more!

Every type of online buying and selling activity be it online commerce, online shopping trends, shoppertainment capabilities, livestreaming facilities and lots more are changing how buyers and sellers interact and shop today. These changes also impact how online marketers have to streamline marketing and martech efforts. Catch the latest in this weekly martech highlight:

MarTech Quote-of-the-Week!


Due to the pandemic, companies were forced to go fully digital. This transformation to a digital first, and in some cases a digital only experience, enables organizations to use all the rich data available to them to deliver an unparalleled, hyper-personalized customer experience.

Nikhil Behl, CMO at FICO

Top MarTech News of The Week: 24th Jan to 28th Jan

MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with TJ Leonard, CEO at StoryblocksIn today’s online world, it is crucial for marketers to know how to adapt to the changing trends in order to meet specific campaign requirements. In terms of marketplace trends, stock media is an essential part of scaling production outputs as production timelines shrink, along with the size of budgets. The stock media model allows creators and business owners to confidently increase the output of their video creative. 

TJ Leonard, CEO at Storyblocks 

MarTech Articles on First-party Data, AdTech, CX Trends and more!

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