Bloomreach Launches New Feature to Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Merchandising

Product Recommendations Personalized for the Moment Emails are Opened and Read

Bloomreach, the world’s #1 Commerce Experience Cloud, today announced a new Bloomreach Discovery feature to bridge the gap between marketing and merchandising, connecting any Email Service Provider (ESP) with active and up-to-date product catalogs. This ensures product recommendations in emails update at the moment the email is opened, reflecting any recent customer activity on the e-commerce site or changes to product availability.

With standard email recommendations that personalize at the time of sending, businesses risk offering inconsistent experiences for customers. For example, an email promotion for a product might be sent on a Friday, only for the product to go out-of-stock over the weekend. A potential customer opening the email on Monday would be disappointed to receive a promotion for something they cannot buy. The emails are personalized, but not personalized in real-time, ultimately resulting in customer frustration.

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Bloomreach Discovery eradicates this possibility by updating product recommendations as the email is opened, not when it is sent. This allows marketers to leverage the latest customer and product data to provide a consistent journey from the email to the digital store, powered by real-time data. No matter when the email is sent, customers always see the most personalized, up-to-date, and relevant product recommendations.

“Personalization is what makes email marketing most impactful, yet that personalization won’t generate maximum results without the relevance that real-time data provides,” said Aditya Singh, Head of Product, Bloomreach Discovery. “With this new feature, Bloomreach is helping marketers and merchandisers build a more consistent customer journey, reflecting customers’ most recent activity with the brand and exactly what’s available in the product catalog. Customers benefit from emails that are always relevant, and businesses increase opportunities to grow revenue and conversions through cross-sell and upsell opportunities. This feature will really benefit all, and we’re excited to see our customers put it into action.”

This feature is powered by the industry-leading AI of Bloomreach Discovery, and can be integrated with any ESP. Learn more about Bloomreach Discovery to see the revenue-driving power of relevant product discovery and the difference personalized product recommendations can make.

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