Bluecore Unveils Bluecore Communicate, Email Reimagined for Performance and Personalization at Scale in Retail

New Retail Cloud Platform Transforms Email Marketing by Bringing the Scale of an ESP Together with Triggered and Fully Personalized Promotional Emails, All in a Single Modernized Workflow with the Industry’s First Performance-Based Pricing Model

Bluecore, the retail marketing technology company that more than 400 retailers rely on to launch highly personalized campaigns at scale, announced the launch of Bluecore Communicate. The launch makes Bluecore the first company ever to introduce full personalization to the traditional ESP (email service provider) and a pricing model based completely on performance. Bluecore now sets out to lead retailers beyond the barriers currently stunting their marketing: Overly complex technologies and integrations that lead to inefficient manual workflows and a tired payment model that emphasizes quantity over quality in the face of decreasing click-through rates.

Artificial intelligence-driven Bluecore Communicate is designed specifically to meet today’s retailer needs: an intelligent interface that’s informed by a unified view of product, shopper and behavioral data; the ability to personalize both individual and large-scale campaigns based on niche shopper and product behaviors, a 70 – 85% decrease in campaign production time, and a pricing model that is based on driving action through quality consumer engagement, rather than incentivizing higher send volumes.

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Bluecore Communicate launches against the backdrop of an email marketing landscape that has seen little to no change in infrastructure, campaign workflow or pricing since email’s widespread adoption in the nineties. The company designed Bluecore Communicate as a replacement for retailers’ currently disjointed email programs, which often consist of an ESP modified by several point solutions to achieve varying levels of personalization.

“We’ve spent four years working to overhaul email so that it specifically meets the needs of retail marketers,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “Our work with more than 400 retailers has closely guided our concept for Bluecore Communicate, which addresses email by first innovating on the data infrastructure behind it. This has meant completely reinventing the static data-model of the ESP, designing user friendly workflows, working at the intersection of merchandising and consumer action, and reflecting retailers’ focus on performance into the very DNA of our model. We believe that to innovate in our industry or any other, you have to fix what’s broken rather than simply patching it.”

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In 2014, Bluecore became the only company to be able to trigger personalized emails based on user and merchandise behaviors, when it replaced a status quo that required multiple technologies to achieve what it could do with one. Today, the company manages nearly 500 million shopper IDs and a cumulative product catalog second only to Amazon. Bluecore Communicate leverages this robust set of data and real-time insights to identify shoppers on retailers’ sites and understand how their engagement should influence the next offer, product recommendation or other content, at both the individual and group level. This gives retailers the tools they need to focus on increasing customer retention and lifetime value, rather than solely prioritizing acquisition.

“We are hyper focused on differentiating ourselves through customer experience. This means appealing to customers based on what we can learn from very nuanced behaviors,” said Tirath Kamdar, CEO of TrueFacet. “When creating a luxury experience is the goal, you can’t focus on basic stuff like demographics; everything must be customized and personalized. Before moving our daily sends into the same platform with our triggered emails, it was very difficult to achieve a high touch program at the scale and level of detail we’re now seeing with Bluecore Communicate.”

Volcom, Yamibuy & Discount School Supply are among a number of other early adopters of Bluecore Communicate, having already consolidated their ESPs and triggers onto the single platform. An additional seventy percent of Bluecore’s customers have made the move to performance-based pricing and are seeing an average lift in revenue-per-email of 25% across their entire email programs.

Bluecore Communicate is the first of three new products that will roll out under the Bluecore retail cloud platform over the next 12 months.

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