Ceros Releases Editor Tool to Give Non-Designers the Ability to Scale Interactive Content

Cloud-based design platform enhances the Ceros Studio ecosystem with new feature that extends content editing capabilities to non-designers

Ceros, the cloud-based design platform for interactive content, released Editor, a Ceros Studio add-on that helps companies scale their interactive content by allowing marketers, writers, and other non-designers to access only designated elements of a project so they can work without the risk of altering the design.

Editor helps companies scale their content by allowing designers to limit project access to their non-designing teammates, so they can make text and image changes or use templates to create something new without affecting the interactivity or straying outside of brand guidelines.

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According to Adobe’s Global Marketing Report, creative teams cite extensive project management, lack of structure to scale projects, and difficulty collaborating across teams as barriers to their creative efforts, leaving only 19% of their time spent on actual design tasks.

Editor helps solve this challenge by providing opportunities for cross-team collaboration and project scalability, giving designers more time to focus on new creations.

“Editor essentially supercharges the power of the Ceros Studio, by allowing non-designers to update and customize existing content without relying on design help,” said Simon Berg, CEO of Ceros. “You can publish more with fewer design resources and scale up your output while your designers work on the next project. For marketers, in particular, Editor will be a game-changer.”

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Editor’s features allow an organization to bring more team members into the creation process. By letting some team members do less, a team can do more:

No Designers? No Problem

Interactive content often relies on complex layouts no one wants to mess up. Editor lets you put guardrails around certain elements of a layout while making other parts editable, so non-designers can update and customize without impacting the layout.

Keep Your Designers Designing

When non-designers are free to make simple copy and image changes or use templates to create their own interactive Ceros content, other designers are free to move on to what they’re really good at — designing.

More Users = More Content

Editor gives more team members a part in the creative process, resulting in more interactive content across your organization and a better ROI for your business. Editors and marketers can use templates or update existing Ceros experiences to create more content than ever.

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