Scoota Adds Social Media To Dynamic HTML-Based DOOH 

Scoota, the leading provider of automated dynamic creativity for omni-channel digital  marketing, has today announced that it has added social media retargeting to its  programmatic DOOH offering.

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Pioneers of the ‘flexi deal’, that allows buyers to control programmatic bids against by-the panel geo location and in-the-moment dayparting entirely from within its DSP, Scoota has  continued to evolve the medium with the addition last year of real-time, HTML-based  dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) to allow panel messages to update automatically  against pre-set triggers. 

Users of the Scoota system currently enjoy drag & drop automated DOOH creative  production directly from Photoshop via the company’s creative management platform, in  which DCO and automated quality assurance are handled with ease. Now users of the  platform can automate creative executions to Facebook and Instagram and target the  delivery of those to mobile devices that are in close proximity of the DOOH panels.

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James Booth, Founder and CEO of Scoota said of the announcement: “We have always felt  that bringing real-time dynamic creative and mobile re-targeting to DOOH was essential if  programmatic was to stand a chance of being considered as a viable alternative to the  established approaches. Programmatic fails if it can’t be hyper responsive and very precise.  We’ve solved the automated creative template build and quality assurance barriers, thus  dramatically unblocking set-up processes. We’ve added numerous datasets to improve  targeting. Now, being able to reach audiences through their social channels as they sit down  for a moment when out and about, opens up numerous opportunities for brands.” 

Scoota’s DCO-based programmatic DOOH has been used recently by brands including Aldi,  Nespresso, L’Occitane, Bacardi, and ZSL London Zoo.  

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