Become a Stakeholder in the First Web3 Social Booking Platform FEEV

FEEV, the first web3 social booking platform, has announced their NFT launch, together with the launch of the iOS and Android app later this year. The platform will bring social media and booking together in one environment, meaning that hotels, flights, events and attractions will all be available for booking, directly on FEEV.

The project believes in bridging the gap between social media and booking, which according to FEEV incentivize each other on a daily basis. Social media platforms provide inspiration for travel destinations, hotels, places and all kinds of events and attractions, whereas booking platforms provide the booking possibility but lack social and inspirational aspects that lead to a booking. FEEV is on a mission to bring those two worlds together.

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To fulfil the promise of a web3 social booking platform, FEEV will release their app later this year, where users can experience all kinds of features and turn their NFTs into a utility in the actual iOS and Android app. The main features that FEEV developed for their platform will consist of:

Booking will feature 200K+ Hotels, 450+ airlines and tickets to events and attractions in more than 80 countries. The offering will be directly available through the FEEV app. As part of the web3 possibilities, users will not only be able to make a booking with standard payment methods like credit cards but will also be able to book using crypto.

Post enables users of the platform to share what is on their mind with photos, videos, text and guides. Places, hotels, events, attractions and all kinds of locations can be tagged in the posts making the shared content directly bookable through the post of a user.

Favourites is a feature where users can save their findings or put a place, hotel, event, and attraction in their favourites list. The list will be visible on the user profiles providing a sense of recommendation towards other users.

Messages enable users to connect and stay in touch with each other. Sharing of places, hotels, events, and attractions into the direct messages has never been easier. FEEV makes it possible for users to send each other crypto funds in the direct message, utilising the power of web3.

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Web3 wallet of FEEV enables all users to create or import a web3 wallet and connect it to the user’s username, making it possible to showcase NFTs on a profile, send and receive crypto and buy or swap tokens.

The platform is currently in an advanced beta stage and already in testing by selected users. As per the roadmap, FEEV will launch its exclusive NFT collections before the app launch.

The FEEV NFT collections will consist of exclusive utility and benefits divided into three tiers: silver, gold and platinum. FEEV integrated the utilities and benefits of the NFT in the platform, consisting of:

Superpowers: NFT holders will receive an exclusive verified members badge in the app, making them not only stand out from the crowd, but also their content will get featured on top of the algorithms.Preferred rates:  FEEV will provide NFT holders with preferred rates on hotels, flights, events and attractions in the app.

Travel assistance and concierge: Convenience of dedicated support, travel assistance or concierge service will be available for the NFT holders directly within the app. The level of support or assistance will be subject to the tier of the NFT.

Exclusive access: By connecting with brands and events around the world, FEEV will provide its NFT holders with exclusive access to special deals, events and services provided by partnering brands.

The NFT collections will be available to the public via the FEEV website and will start from 0.25 ETH for the silver tier. In addition to this, FEEV provides a web3 referral program where the community can generate a referral link and share it with their friends and socials. Successful mints will be rewarded with 8% of the NFT price going to the referrer and 8% to the minter.

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